Would Like My Cycle To Return...


long story short: I used to be really regular...could almost TIME the arrival of my period.....enter HCG diet 2 years ago.....14kg lost quickly....low carb....NO PERIOD.....

I have had about 3 periods in the last 2 years. I had my bloods done and all the "normal" tests they do seem fine (no early menopause etc)....

Two of the three periods were massage enduced! I have a wonderful naturopath that can do fancy things...and the last two times I have seen her she has made me have my period the next day!


I would SO LOVE to have my cycle back :( it is so weird not really "knowing" what my body is doing...I don't even know/can't tell if I ovulate anymore!!! (am finished with making babies...but still..would like to be normal).

Do any of you have suggestions?? I am vaguely following SSJ diet book, (I say vaguely because I do more exercise than is required). I generally always eat LCHF.....even when I haven't over the past couple of years I still haven't had a cycle...


I am 30.



  • RekaReka ✭✭✭

    For this purpose I would eat more carbs, especially after workouts, I don't know the system you follow but I suppose they are strenous. Low carb and working out is bad for hormones.

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  • dazdaz today is a good day ✭✭✭

    if you are not familiar with the 'suppversity' web site, you may want to take a look...

    they did a mega series of posts on the (female) athlete triad 'syndrome' (applies to non athletes. & both men & women);

    & some of the info may be applicable/helpful to your situation.

    hard to know which article to point you at first; but try this one to start with;

    The Female(?) Athlete Triad - Part III/III: Road to Recovery! Step #1

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  • Thank you I will look at the link.

    Hmmmm yes...quite likely more carbs are needed....but I did go about 3 months just eating what I felt like eating (including carbs etc)....and there was no change...except weight gain haaa

  • Perhaps your thyroid is down, or you have become thyroid-resistant. You could supplement with up to 1 mg iodine with 400-600 mcg selenium methionine. Or you could take a good kelp supplement. Kelp also has a lot of selenium.
  • RekaReka ✭✭✭
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    It may take more than 3 months. I'm still not regular but went from a couple periods a year to reasonably good periods, and it took more than a year, and cost me 10 pounds gain which I did not need at all. However I gained from eating more fat, not from carbs. 


    Check out this thread on how to eat to support your workouts and recovery:




    Using this template you can keep your body composition in check and still get the carbs necessary for hormonal balance and workouts. It is much more reasonable for active people than eating LCHF.

    It doesn't get easier... It's you who gets better.


    Is your social worker in that horse?


    Success has a price, not a secret.

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