Would Like My Cycle To Return...


long story short: I used to be really regular...could almost TIME the arrival of my period.....enter HCG diet 2 years ago.....14kg lost quickly....low carb....NO PERIOD.....

I have had about 3 periods in the last 2 years. I had my bloods done and all the "normal" tests they do seem fine (no early menopause etc)....

Two of the three periods were massage enduced! I have a wonderful naturopath that can do fancy things...and the last two times I have seen her she has made me have my period the next day!


I would SO LOVE to have my cycle back :( it is so weird not really "knowing" what my body is doing...I don't even know/can't tell if I ovulate anymore!!! (am finished with making babies...but still..would like to be normal).

Do any of you have suggestions?? I am vaguely following SSJ diet book, (I say vaguely because I do more exercise than is required). I generally always eat LCHF.....even when I haven't over the past couple of years I still haven't had a cycle...


I am 30.



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