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BP Community, I need your help.  I am trying to adjust to the BP diet but I am running into some problems meshing my lifestyle with the diet.  I want to cover where I was to give you a frame of reference but also where I am now.  Recommendations are welcomed but my job is a hard constraint (at least for the next 2 years).  Thanks for reading.


So, I am in the Navy.  I work from 5am to 5-6pm when I am in homeport and ~20 hours/day while I am underway.  I’ve always enjoyed weightlifting and I lift about 4-7 times/week (only in homeport and depending on when I get off of work).  The Navy does feed us although it is a "standard American diet" including frying with canola oil (both deep-fat frying and griddle frying), some baking, and lots of preservatives to allow the food to last underway.  Diet is extremely important to me and when I am coming home every night, I have some control. 


Before BP, I was on my own version of Paleo.  I cut out sugars and bad carbs and focused on vegetables and protein.  Life was simple … except that I enjoy drinking red wine, my kryptonite.  I have sense bundled alcohol w/ working out.  No gym, no alcohol. Normally alcohol is a glass-or-two type of thing vice a bottle or two.  


The first thing I noticed after starting BP was that I was craving food by noon.  I would save a salad and bring in a pound of meatballs and stuff my face ate 1:30pm ... because waiting until 2pm was unbearable.  I also consumed 4-10 cups of BP coffee each morning in attempt to consume calories.  It was excessive but I knew I was hungry. After work, around 6pm, I would be so exhausted that I would come home, cook, and fall asleep without lifting (an abnormality for me).  I assumed that this was normal for starting the diet and that I needed to adjust.  On week 2, I gave up on IF and starting eating at 1100.  This extended my feeding window from 11am-8pm, which, according to the BP Diet, is no longer fasting.  I immediately had the energy to lift again.  In his book, Dave recommends adding Protein to breakfast for people who are heavier or weight-lifters.  


1) I am contemplating throwing out BIF during the week to provide myself with energy but breakfast and lunch are now going to be added back in. 

    a.     If I do eat, would eating canola-fried eggs be acceptable since that’s all I can get at work.

    b.     If I cook my own eggs, I am sacrificing sleep to wake up earlier. 

    c.     I could add protein to my BP coffee but I used to eat 4-6 eggs every morning w/ bacon and peanut or almond-butter and I don’t think this will satiate me.

2)  I haven't done a single carb refeed day because I can't support them w/ my weightlifting regiment. Any thoughts are this are welcomed

3) If I am no-longer fasting, should I be drinking BP coffee all morning or should I drink 2-4 cups and switch back to black coffee?


Thanks again, community. You all are awesome!


  • WalterWalter ✭✭✭

    First, stop IF'ing. It's not a requirement and is purely intended to help weight loss. If you feel worse when IF'ing, just start eating again. The canola-fried eggs are pretty bad, but if it's worse than sleeping less is hard to say. Personally I would wake earlier and make eggs myself, but that's up to you.


    Eat more carbs, after your workouts. 1g/lb at least.


    You can still drink BP coffee. If you're gaining weight (unintentionally) you can switch to black coffee and see if it helps.

  • Walter, 


    Thanks for the advice!

  • Best part of BP is not the coffee or IF. It's the idea of elimination of bad foods and the constant quest of consuming the highest quality foods and supplements.

    I personally do best with eating breakfast every other day first thing upon waking. Alternate the other days with water only fasting till around 11 or 12. Choose the foods from the infograph nearest the top And avoid the bad fats. Cooking your own food as much as possible is the best way to ensure quality. But out at sea could be a challenge to get fresh veggies however frozen it available would be a great option
  • Thanks. I am working to remove bad foods and bad habits daily. Yesterday was the Chief Petty Officer (most important Enlisted Navy rank) Birthday.  I chose to have a piece of cake to celebrate.  two hours later, I almost fell asleep.  I'd forgotten that feeling but it was a good reminder on why to stay BP.

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