Supplements For Kids Concentration?

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Supplements for Kids Concentration?


Wondering if anyone knows of a supplement that is safe for kids.........that is specifically focused on concentration. He is on the ADD (not ADHD) spectrum


I already give my son (11 years old) Fermented CLO with X Butter and Pure Encapsulations Junior Nutrients Multivitamin. Also he is going to start getting MCT and Collagen before homework (plenty of non Dad approved Carbs already ;-)


I take CILTEP every once and a while when I have a deadline. I feel there is a cost to taking supplements like that. I just want to enhance today and not borrow from other body processes like a Neutropic or Smart Drug does . I know that is not for kids anyways, I am just using it as an example.


Are GabaWave or Unfair Advantage something that a kid might take at a lower dose? I have not taken these supplements.


Also I have taken him to 5 NeuroOptimal Sessions (local practitioner for 50 a visit) but then had to re prioritize spending.


Suggestions?? Thanks in advance.


  • Try this stack:


    -B Complex

    -Ginkgo biloba

    -CDP Choline or Alpha GPC


    That should be really safe for him.

  • In the podcast about Vitamin K2 (#106 with Dr Kate) there was discussion around children's doses (120mg for kids). However, since D should go with K2, what D dose is appropriate for children? Or do you not need to pair for children?
  • Not sure if it pertains to children too - but 1000 IU's per 25lb of body weight is the recommended dosage for Vit D3. for "normal dosing" 

    For acute issues "cancer" the dosage could be much higher.  



    I supplement my children (16 & 14) w/ 5000 IU's  3 days a week coupled w/ K2. 

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