Zeostein! (An Overdue Project)

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- MedTex 180 conductive fabric

- #16 snap fasteners 7/16"

- double sided foam tape

- iron-on twill fabric patch


With any luck it will all get here by Saturday so I can put it together over the weekend....


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     IT'S ALIVE!!!


    Pretty half-assed, though...


    Sensor pad side:


    Zeo interface side:



    Zeo snapped on, headband velcro'd on:



    For the first time since June 2013, Zeo knows it's on my head:




    Let's hope it continues to know it's on my head all through tonight...

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    Success! Zeostein recorded a full night of sleep data, with similar REM, deep, and light sleep values from the original headband. 



    (Venturestein is happy about this too) 



    I kept the bluetooth connection on all night, just to be sure I got a full night of data. I'm not into that both because of the bluetooth broadcasting from my forehead, but also because it means my iPhone can't be in airplane mode. Tonight I will probably kill the bluetooth, and it should record the whole night, then be available for upload in the morning. It was never 100% reliable with that though, even back in 2013. 


    Interestingly, and perhaps a problem? I'm pretty sure that for the second half of the 20 minutes or so I was on the BP sleep mat, Zeostein recorded me as in light sleep. I was conscious, but only barely. I never had the sleep mat while the original headband was working, but it did occasionally say I was in light sleep while I would describe myself as somewhat conscious. Once, as an experiment, I was able to register light sleep while conscious using binaural beats with the original headband, so I think the light sleep values while on the sleep mat were a similar situation. 

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  • Any updates on this?  Are you getting good data?

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    Any updates on this?  Are you getting good data?


    I thought you might be interested in this :)


    Yep, I'd say I'm getting good data. 


    Just for the record I based Zeostein on this instructable. Total cost was ~$35, and there is enough conductive fabric for many more headbands. I'll run out of the other, cheaper materials in maybe 3 more headbands. It took maybe an hour to build in this sloppy manner. For future headbands I'll probably improve quality and perhaps build two at a time. 


    I have a Zeo Mobile, so since the app still works on the phone, I can still pull data. I can also still get it to pull data in the morning when the phone's been on airplane mode at night.


    I have 6 nights of data so far.


    So far the data is very similar to the data from the original headband in terms of time spent in deep, light, and REM sleep, as well as time to sleep, with three potential differences:



    ( A ) It is super finicky about when it says it knows it's on my head, and I have to go in and out of the diagnostic pane a few times before I get a consistent reading. But it doesn't seem to be a problem overnight. 


    I have no explanation for this, but note that I wasn't as careful to check this with the OEM headband because I trusted the product more when I first got it. 


    ( B ) It has registered REM sleep while I'm extremely relaxed on the BP sleep induction mat, or soon after getting of it, though I would consider myself conscious. (This REM data is in addition to light sleep recorded on a separate night as I reported above.) When I have trouble sleeping I don't check the time to avoid further anxiety about getting to sleep, so I suppose I could perceive longer periods of sleeplessness than actually occur and that Zeo is in fact correct, but I'm pretty confident I have been conscious, but very relaxed and experiencing some eye movement, while logging REM sleep. 


    I suspect brain states are less set-in-stone than we might think, and the Zeo can be correct that I am in REM sleep while I am also correct about being somewhat conscious. I never tested this with the OEM headband because I didn't have the BP sleep mat in 2013, but I did register sleep while conscious using binaural beats.


    ( C ) One night I had three separate periods of missing data, two of which totaled ~15 minutes, one ~5 minutes. This only happened with my OEM headband once it was getting very old. Since that night I have 3 more uninterrupted nights. 


    A possible explanation is that I am still dialing headband tightness and I also tend to toss and turn in my sleep, another possible explanation is that one of the paracord fasteners has worked it's way out of the fabric and sits next to one of the conductive pads. I will alter the construction of future sensor pads I build to avoid this. See below:






    So far I haven't tested any sleep hacks except for one night with 400mg magnesium glycinate, on which I had crappy sleep. More testing needed, that probably wasn't related to the mag. 


    I've been having some trouble getting to sleep lately, so I don't want to mess around too much at the moment, but here are a few tests I have planned that I will report when they occur:


    - run Zeostein and Sleep Cycle app at the same time for a few nights to compare data

    - more magnesium to get some decent testing

    - collagen/tryptophan

    - raw honey, MCT, BOO, etc. (separate + combos)

    - Unfair Advantage

    - GABAwave

    - grounding (I still don't have a set-up for this) 


    MY BEDROOM: Sadly, I can't reliably control the temperature in my bedroom. I don't control the heating in the winter, and I have a window air conditioner without a thermostat in the summer. I can get it comfortably cool, but at best to +/- 5F of a desired temperature. I also run a fan, mainly for white noise. I have blackout shades that are not 100% blackout, but pretty good. Slightly sagging mattress with a 3" tempur-pedic mattress topper. No tech in the bedroom, but I pick up at least 16 wifi routers that are not mine  :wacko:



    Questions for the community:


    1. Any off-the-beaten-path ideas to increase deep sleep? This is my biggest priority, my best night ever was only 1:08 of deep sleep. 


    2. Anything else you want me to test? (These will likely come very slowly, or some of them, like sleeping on a hard surface, won't come at all. You can still buy a Zeo from some sources if sleep masochism is your thing.) 


    3. How bad is Bluetooth? Even with my phone on airplane mode, I assume the Zeo is broadcasting bluetooth. Might it be better to keep my phone on and establish a connection rather than making it search for a connection all night? Does anyone know if Zeo will "give up" on broadcasting bluetooth if no connection is found?

  • Exercise is the best thing that I have found for increasing deep sleep.  That and bi-phasic sleeping, but exercise is easier.  I will have to find my old Zeo and measure the radio wave output to evaluate it for you.


    I have replaced my Zeo sensors with OEM sensors from Zeo, and my device did not work.  I wonder if it is because I use Android.

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    Exercise is the best thing that I have found for increasing deep sleep.  That and bi-phasic sleeping, but exercise is easier.  I will have to find my old Zeo and measure the radio wave output to evaluate it for you.


    I have replaced my Zeo sensors with OEM sensors from Zeo, and my device did not work.  I wonder if it is because I use Android.


    Well no rush, because I'm going to use it for sleep hacking, get some hopefully conclusive results, but do not plan to use it every night indefinitely. I'd like to know the radio wave output, and that knowledge could affect how long I use it, but for at least 60 days I don't think that information would impact my use. I'll take some radio waves in order to run these tests. 


    When you say it didn't work, are you connecting your Zeo to your Android device via bluetooth, but then failing to get the "on head" signal? Once I washed my original sensor pad (carefully in Woolite) I couldn't get an "on head" signal at all, which is why I took so long to try this. What I ended up doing recently was pressing the Zeo very firmly against my forehead WITHOUT the sensor pad attached, but with a little moisture on the snap-in sockets, and managed to get an "on head" signal that way. Obviously that's not usable overnight, but it showed me I could at least get a signal. That's why I bought the materials for this.


    If a supposedly-new OEM sensor pad failed to work, you might as well open it up. If the OEM construction is anything like the instructable, there isn't a whole lot of fabric between the pad and the conductive snaps, and it's certainly a weak point. If they used too much fabric here, it can overlap with fabric from another sensor pad and short the system. If they cut costs before the company died, you might have a defective pad with an easy-to-fix connection. Another weak point (at least for the MedTex 180 fabric) is that the fabric has two way stretch, but they say that in one of those directions conductivity is reduced.

  • The LED flashes between green and amber when I connect it to my Android device.

  • ACH85ACH85 ✭✭

    The LED flashes between green and amber when I connect it to my Android device.


    That's a strange one, I've never seen it do that. 


    If you have access to an iOS device, I have the the Zeo app file on my computer HD and would be happy to send it to you... but I have no idea how easy it would be to install it without it being available on the app store. 

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