Best, Most Accurate Sleep Tracking Technology



  • I'm open to all feedback regarding this though. If it appears that I'm getting plenty of deep and REM sleep earlier on in my sleep, does that mean I don't necessarily need to be sleeping 8 hours?

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    I have narcolepsy and have tested a bunch of iPhone sleep apps while using different sleep supplements, a night out drinking, nothing and my knock you out cold/deep sleep medicine Xyrem/GHB/central nervous system depressant. I have found that the free sleepbot app is extremely accurate. I also love the slow waking alarm and 30 min window sensitive to what state of sleep your in option. Just curious if any of you compared sleepbot to basis? I know Basis has more perks but in general curious. Even more curious to try Basis.

  • I think this is a pretty good overview of the sleep trackers that are currently available on the market. I've personally tried the jawbone UP24, Fitbit Charge and Beddit (the original one, not the new smart one). I think the biggest value with Beddit and Fitbit charge is the retention. When I had a jawbone and Beddit I forgot to put it in sleep mode so my sleep data was sporadic. 


    Newer products like Fitbit charge and Luna automatically track your sleep and I think that's a big plus and helps with the overall sleep tracking accuracy question. 

  • Withings Aura...


    Keeps track of multiple matrices with a pad under the matress...and the alarm function is cool, too....

    Love mine.


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