A Seller Of Kerrygold That Ships To Canada

Low and behold..after months of searching, I've found something that appears to be the holy mother effing grail!




I'm ordering some tomorrow, added it to my cart. I was going to keep this secret, so it would sell out fast before I got some..but so many Canadians have been trying to get it, that I felt it was my Civic duty. 



Fiction is the Truth inside the Lie






  • I tried Bulletproof coffee first time today. Funny I had my choice between KerryGold and another brand. I choose the other brand. Is KerryGold organic and what do you like about it? 



  • I've never had KerryGold before. It's damn near impossible to get in Canada. KerryGold is grassfed for the most part, that's what's special about it. Find that in Canada where I live is difficult/not possible. The closest I can get to grassfed is Organic MEadow and that's ten dollars for a pound and I have to drive 2 and a half hours to get it lol 

    Fiction is the Truth inside the Lie





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