Confused About Bulletproof Coffee And Calories

In the book, it says i can drink all the BPC i want on Intermittent fast. Can I drink 5 fat coffees at 400 calories for 2000 total calories and a couple of meals with a handfull of raspberries and expect to loose weight? I'm just confused and need clarification.



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    Good luck with that. I doubt you'll be too interested in two meals after 4 Bulletproof Coffees ;-)


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  • Actually it doesnt have the satiation described by others. Since my coffee cup holds 2 cups(most do) I drink at least 4 cups. If a cup=400 to 450 kcal for 1600-1800 kcal

    That doesn't leave much room for food on a 1800-2000 cal day.

    Does mct oil (coconut oil) not store as fat or just burned quickly. I seem to be missing something. Maybe I should just stick to straight IF. I have done it and its managable and cheap LOL

  • IMHO, Dave oversimplifies the process of losing weight on the intermittent fasting diet. Losing weight on this diet involves going into ketosis.  There are several factors that must be right before the body goes into ketosis.  After 2 weeks on the the intermittent fasting diet (in which I did lose weight) I gained weight.  I said WTF!!  So I read "Keto Clarity" by Jimmy Moore which helped me understand the process and to know what I needed to fine tune in my diet to go into ketosis, which I am in now.  So, I recommend reading this book which talks about how fat, carbs, protein affects the ketone process.  After reading it you will know more about how to fine tune your diet for your unique situation.

  • Jason Miller - Could you refer me to what post of mine you are referring to?  Because, as I calculate things, my average daily calorie intake over the past 8 days (which is as long as I have been measuring things) is 2365 which I am sure is well above the BMR for a 66 year old 5'8'' tall male.  I don't remember ever mentioning BMR in any post of mine, so are you sure you have the right person?



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