Bpc - 2Nd Week Question

Hi All - I'm hoping you'll be able to shed some light as I haven't been at this long.  My first week on the Bulletproof Intermittent Fast was great.  I had very high energy and loved the coffee every morning.  This week though my energy levels have really slumped and I can hardly get a cup of BPC to go down...I literally have to force it. 


Here's some additional context:


I have BPC in the morning with 2-3 Tbls Kerrygold (I do a glass of water with 1/2 tsp himalyan pink salt on waking roughly 1 hr before coffee)

I will break my fast sometime from noon to 4 pm - usually with some chicken or roast with melted butter or with mayo and mustard on a romaine leaf, maybe a piece of cheese

Dinner is meat and fat with a good veggie.  Example: Roast with drippings and cauliflower mash and chives; 2 eggs with side pork and avocado; Elk burgers with lots of cilantro and homemade guacamole; Venison cooked with butter and a side of steamed brusselsprouts.


I have been keeping track of my foods with MyFitnessPal and have been remaining under 50 grams of carbs a day, 3/4 of the time I'm under 30 grams (Regular too, Not net carbs). 


Anyone have any idea what may be going on?  Anyone else have this problem?


Thanks for the help!


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    So what you're saying is your palette has changed, and now you are not digging bpc as much as you did last week? I assume it is the taste, if that's what you mean by having to 'force it down'. No suggestions there... my wife got sick of the coffee after a while, and tried the tea-equivalent, then just gave up. Maybe add some vanilla-max, that's what I do.


    You didn't disclose how many days you were doing the IF for, did you have a good re-feed day? A day where you may crank up the carbs, and generally eat more nutrient-dense meals? I usually skip the coffee on these days, so I can give my adrenals some rest. It is good to hear you are also using the salt-water trick in the morning.


    As for your energy levels, try a supplement stack:



    Be kind to yourself.

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    If you stay under 30 g carbs no wonder your energy suffers on the long term. Try adding more carbs to your afternoon meals and see if it makes any difference.

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    Yeah, eating very low carb is fun for a while, but not a long term plan for the average person. I would go back to low carb (around 100 grams a day is still low carb) and get your energy back. Once you feel fine you can switch back to very low carb but know you can't keep it up for long.
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