Mct -Xct - Brain Octaine

I'm new to trying out the bulletproof coffee, and have read the bulletproof diet ebook

Thought I bought the mct oil but got XCT oil instead.

Then I realised I was probably meant to get the brain octaine version...

What's the difference again?


  • From what I can remember, the most simple way to explain it is, the Brain Octane gets used immediately as fuel, and the XCT Oil has to go through the liver. Correct me if I am wrong.


    I usually use the XCT on food, before bed, salad dressing. I use the Brain Octane with my coffee.

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    So both XCT & Brain Octane can be used in the coffee with the same results but the octane is stronger?
  • WalterWalter ✭✭✭

    XCT is C8 and C10 MCT, Brain Octane is just C8. There isn't that much research on the difference from what I recall.


    And yes both can be used in your coffee.

  • This may help. I have not read it in a while
  • Excellent guys :-)

    Thank you so much for clarifying it for me.
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