Meat Waffles With Egg Yolk "syrup"

Since we are all practicing a Bulletproof-esque diet over here... We probably all SADLY retired our waffle irons... BUT NOT ME! I decided to throw some MEAT IN THE WAFFLE IRON... BAM: MEAT WAFFLES!


And this experiment of mine - HUGE HUGE HUGE success... Three huges because well, my waffles were friggin' HUGE and yes, I ate them all. One pound of meat, down the hatch baby - ha! I couldn't stop, they were just SO GOOD.


The meat I am using today: The Honest Bison = 100% GRASS-FED/FINISHED bison! If you don't know the benefits of grass-fed/finished red meats yet, well, I detail those in the latest blog post & recipe..... A little edu-tainment is happening over on the blog today... And it's MIGHTY TASTY! 






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