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Hey everyone!


I'm about to leave for a vacation and would love to have a new book to start and try to finish before I start work. The problem is figuring out which book to read. That's where hopefully someone here can help me. I really want to find a book that will help me improve myself if some way. If it helps to give some perspective for where I am in my life, I'm 23 years old and just graduated college and I have a few weeks before I start my first full time job. To start my search for a book, I've looked at the Bulletproof Book list and have scrolled back through the last hundred or so podcasts to remind myself if there was anything particularly interesting. The ones I have come up with that I'm interested in are:

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The Rise of Superman by Steven Kotler

Leading the Life You Want by Stew Friedman

The Sports Gene by David Epstein

Rich Habits by Tom Corley

Freakonomics (not a Bulletproof based book, just something I've been interested in reading)


If you have read any of these and have an opinion to share or have an alternative book you think I should read, please let me know! I trust the Bulletproof community over any other reviews I can read online!


P.S. I have already read the Bulletproof Diet book :)


  • The best of the bunch were:


    Sapiens -Yuval Harari


    The Epi- Paleo Rx -Dr Jack Kruse


    10% happier -Dan Harris


    Biology Of Belief - Dr Bruce Lipton 

  • Thanks everyone. The next three books on my list are now Sapiens, Biology of Belief, and The War of Art.

  • you wont be disappointed with that selection.

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