Enhanced Alcohol Tolerance

like the bbs routine, would tolerance be driven by infrequent binges, or 1-2 drinks daily

-I strongly dislike drinking but need to occasionally and want to be prepared

-please share research if anyone sees it


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    Order a Rob Roy ;)




    You could take a handful of activated charcoal beforehand, and carry more to take during. Glutathione is suppose to help with the resulting hangover.


    I think social engineering might be a better tactic here. Gesticulate with your drink in your hand to give the illusion of drinking more than you are. Nurse your drinks. Order them with no ice, as the ice melts it adds to the liquid you have to drink. Order water or club soda with olives in a martini glass. Instruct your waiter/waitress to clear your drink more often regardless of how full it still is. Instruct your bartender to make your drinks with less alcohol and more mixer. Order drinks that are extremely low in actual alcohol content. Inform your colleagues that you are instructed by your physician not to drink with your medication. There are many options!

  • +1 for activated charcoal. worked very well for me. if you're a drinking game type of person, you'll have a major competitive advantage! 

  • but as far as actually increasing tolerance- does my logic apply; infrequent binges?

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