Braverman Personality Assessment. Thoughts?

I just found out about this simple test, and thought I'd give it a whirl to help zero-in on what the best diet + supplements would be for me. Has anyone else taken this, and what are your thoughts on its accuracy?


Mine turned up a serious deficiency in serotonin (like, REALLY serious) as well as GABA, which isn't surprising given I've battled with insomnia and low levels of depression for 10+ years now. However, I'll admit I was a little surprised at how bad the deficiency was.


I'm just wondering if anyone else puts much stock in the Braverman assessment. Based on the results, I'm going to experiment with some diet/exercise/supplement modifications to see if I can't boost my serotonin. I don't think there's any harm in trying--as I'd much rater try the natural route vs. prescription drugs (e.g. SSRI's).


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    I've gotten a good yet extremely general (bordering on vague) result from the test. It is nowhere near specific enough, but was able to show me that I am so low on acetylcholine that I can take quite literally 10x the average nootropic user's dosage. The problem I see is that such a test should not be self-administered to procure the most accurate results, which I will expound upon briefly below.



    Self-administered personality tests inherently suffer from confirmation bias. Myres-Briggs is an excellent example here. Based around Jungian concepts, the personality types listed in this test are grouped in such a way that none are entirely detrimental, and most are terms which an individual would feel comfortable in applying to themselves. Thus, any particular combination can fit any particular person, regardless of type labeling. An even more blatant example is an astrology chart. The famous experiment has been conducted publicly by the likes Penn and Teller, James Randi, and most recently by Richard Dawkins on the street outside Cambridge. You take a selection of people and give them all the chart for their sign. Then, once they confirm that they agree it accurately reflects their personality, day they have had or whatever it is, you have them switch with their partner. The ruse is that all the signs express traits that are either readily agreeable or nonspecific enough to fit anyone.



    Of course these two are far, far more extreme examples than what we have with the Braverman Personality Assessment, but they can serve to illustrate the margin of error we have to contend with during self assessment. It helps if you are a self deprecating masochist  ;) In all seriousness, the test in my opinion works in a very vague, general way if you are strictly honest rather than picking what you would like to think about yourself. Ideally this would be one of the tests you could get assessed professionally and backed with a few more technical examinations into actual neurochemistry, but the compounds recommended are not to terribly hazardous. 


    In the realm of serotonin modulation, if you begin any sort of SSRI or anything similar I'd recommend you listen strictly to your neurologist and keep things monitored. Those are long-term efforts, bio-accumulation and tapering off are needed in many cases, and only your neurologist will know the exact protocol specifically for you. The horror stories we hear paraded around the internet are for the most part from people who either did not listen to their physician, or had a crappy physician. Do not take advice from anyone who is not a medical professional about SSRIs. 



    Smart Drug Smarts - Episode 47 - Do you need a Living Autopsy w Dr Eric Braverman

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    i rely quite heavily on it, and recommend it to anyone experimenting with their brain chemistry... even wrote a web app to simplify taking the test.


    however, it's useless without reading the book and applying the entire Edge Effect protocol.

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  • Thanks for the replies. I'll definitely check out The Edge Effect... as it's been on my reading list for quite some time anyway.

  • There is another thread about this.

    The test is imo awesome and accurate.

    Our personalities are our balance of nueros. I was gaba deficient and phenibut worked wonders.

    The book is an interesting read, failing at the final hurdle. The idea that you can fix a deficiency in serotonin by eating foods that contain the precursors wont work. And your playing with fire if you go down the medication route, though there is a very small proportion of pple who may respond well to even the vilified ssri's.
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    Phenibut works great for me as well (I use GABAwave), but I can only use it 1-2 times per week. When I do use it though... wow... I sleep really well and feel pretty good (relaxed, calm, etc) the following day. I like to take it in the evening... at about 6pm.


    Wish I could use it more often, but I avoid doing so due to the habit-forming aspect.

  • I have been a patient of Dr Braverman, and I was not happy with his treatment protocol. I was on antidepressants at the time of treatment and no care was given regarding my individual mental state. He also put me on diet pills (I was 30 pounds overweight) which interacted with the SSRIs which through me into a suicidal state.

    I wouldn't put stock in any of his information. I went to him after reading the edge with hopes of him helping me get off of antidepressants

    I hope you have success in improving your mood with natural means. Antidepressants have helped me mentally but they are hell getting off of them.

    More and more research I have read is that depression is a nutrient deficiency. Check out True Hope nutritional supplements. They are geared towards mental illness.

    Good luck!!
  • Yoga and qi gong should be first point of call imo re mental illness. Yoga has been proven to elevate gaba above and beyond exercise. Apparently a lot of the "natural" herbs used to help with withdrawal down regulate in the long term, exacerbating the problem while patients believe they are getting long term Relief. Will reference when not on damn android.

    Im the same re phen, get no withdrawal but weary of long term down reg of continual use.
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