60 Pounds To Lose

Hi everyone!  I am very very new to Bulletproof.  A friend told me about it and I thought I would research it and see what it is all about.


I love what Bulletproof is about and I am very interested in starting.  I just received the coffee and MCT oil.  I bought my butter and am ready to go.  But.......other than the coffee, I am clueless.  I have read a lot recently and once I think I know what is going on, I read something else that confuses the hell out of me. 


Can anyone help me understand ketosis, what type of meals I should have, etc.


I am female and looking to shed 60 pounds.  The Bulletproof coffee in the morning and fasting until 2p.m. sounds like it would work best for me.


I would really appreciate any and all advice. 




Excited and Confused



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