Protein Or No In My Bpc?

So according to calculations I saw on Skye's site, I've got 105lb to lose. Yikes. Both she and Dave say that if you're very overweight, you should add protein to your morning coffee, but there's no explanation as to why.


I thought the Intermittent Fast was like the whole cornerstone of the program? 


So far adding protein just makes me feel hungry a lot earlier. Not a precisely awesome thing, although it IS what they say will happen. 


Is being so overweight just an absolute sign of leptin insensitivity? 


If I do the protein thing and wade through hours of being hungry every day for months, is that just prep time for fat loss or should I expect results along the way, too?


  • Hello Magess:


    Great topic.


    And maybe an answer why I have been feeling absoutely horrible...tired...lethargy since I added a tsp to each cup (2 per day) to my BPC.


    I added it not so much as that I am so overweight, I have a bout 15LBS of fat to lose, (24% fat)....but that I lam getting back into  training, weights, biking, swimming etc  2X a week intense Orange Theory Fitness classes.


    Well yesterday was my WORST OTF class. I wanted to quit! I usually fly through it,I  am fairly fit.


    I had NO energy. Could NOT get heart rate up.


    I thought it was for about 5 days now I have been following the prgram and am getting pretty carb depleted and my body hahaha is refusing to switch to fat burnig. It has no carbs for fuel.


    But then I read your question and wondered how much the collagen protein is upsetting things. I dont have hunger per se. Or maybe the weakness and lethargy is a form of "hunger"


    I need WAY more answers ideas how to incorporate this whole program for me as a triathlete. Twice a week intense I get. But I'm never going to be able to compete on that alone.


    Hope some experts chime in



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