Sold: Neuroptimal For Sale - 215 Runs



Dear Friends,


I am selling my Neuroptimal. It still has 215 runs (started out with 300 runs) and is in great condition. Serious buyers only please. This Neuroptimal worked so well that I do not need it anymore. I used in during my MBA and finished school like a rock star. :)))


--Pricing: $3600. 


--Quality: I am a girl who really cherishes everything I own, so this product is like brand new. No scratches, no dents.  


--Sensors: I do recommend you to buy new sensors because I already used my sensors. 


--Shipment: I live in St. Louis, Missouri. If we can meet and exchange, that would be awesome. However, if you live in a different city, I can ship it to you.


--Free paste: I bought extra Ten20 pastes, and I can give you those as gifts, since I won't be using them anyway. I have three more brand new pastes.


--Contact me: email: [email protected]<script cf-hash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script>


--Due to picture size limitations, I cannot upload more pictures. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to email me and ask. 





  • Do you know how much the electrodes are to replace and where they can be purchased (do you have to buy them through Zengar)?

    Also, would you potentially be able to take a cc for the payment or would it have to be cash?

  • 1. The sensors are $125 and you can buy them through Zengar. 



    2. Cash is fine. 


        We can also use online banking. I am BOA. For BOA, people should be able to search account by using their main email. :)


        Paypal also works. :)


    3. I am an individual person, so I don't think it is appropriate to take anyone's credit card information. This is to protect the buyer's information. :)

  • About Free Paste:


    1. Ten20 EEG Conductive Paste - 4oz Tube - 3 Pack New 


    2. As in the top post, there are two more pastes, one is brand new, and the other still has 1/3 left. 


    So, these pastes will be enough for the 215 runs, and you do not have to buy any paste. All together total value of around $60, gift to my buyer! :)

  • Hi, I'm interested in your machine and equipment. Can you email me at [email protected] I'm in Colorado and think I could work out coming there.

    Thanks so much

  • Dear Friends,


    Thanks so much for your interest in this system. This system is already sold and not available anymore. 


    Happy 4th of July and have a wonderful weekend!


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