Neuroptimal - My Experience After 15 Sessions

I just wanted to share my experiences thus far with NeurOptimal after having just completed my 15th session in just under a month. If you’re like I was, you looked everywhere for reviews online and found they were hard to come by. While I can only speculate why that is, I’d imagine it has something to do with the fact that it’s quite a pricey system, whether you’re buying, renting or going into a clinic.


Hopefully, by sharing my detailed experience you can make a more informed decision on whether it’s worth the investment. I’ll assume you know the basics about the system. If you don’t, I’d recommend you go to and read the pages under the “Explore” section which will answer most of the standard questions you have. This post just gives more detail on one man’s personal experience.


First off, I ended up renting a machine as opposed to going into a clinic. I made the two hour drive from Columbus to Cleveland to the Lake Erie Brain Performance Institute to meet a very nice lady, Jean Alvarez, who I spoke on the phone prior.


We immediately hit it off after she asked where I’d heard about NeurOptimal. When I said some “Dave Asprey guy” recommended it, she promptly got up and fetched her Bulletproof coffee that she’d already been brewing. :smile:


Before visiting, I’d read the manual and watched all the YouTube videos about how to hook yourself up, but Jean walked me through everything in person. Both my wife and I use the system, so Jean had me hook her up so I could practice doing it on someone else. After that, we chatted for an hour about all kinds of biohacker things (Holosync, Muse, etc.) and was really impressed by her extensive knowledge and in-depth understanding of it all.


The main reason why I wanted to use NeurOptimal is to improve my mental performance and up my game. I’m a fiction writer, and like all writers, deal with fears and uncertainties on a daily basis. While I wouldn’t call it writer’s block, I do find myself procrastinating and cleaning the house when I should be writing. :-P I also wanted more focus and concentration. When I’m not writing, I work in online marketing, and it’s easy to get swarmed into the endless time-sucking websites that are out there!


I’ll break things up into five session chunks. I did journal throughout the process, but I’ll spare you ALL the details. This should be detailed enough!


Sessions 1-5


From after the first session, I noticed "something" was happening. Now, I’m one that tends to overanalyze things, so I was really focused on anything that could be different. Overall, I’d say there weren’t any dramatic differences. The one thing I remember most is going out to dinner with my wife and being a little more present and not off in my own little world thinking about work, etc.


From the beginning, I had every intention of doing a session every day. After talking with Jean, she explained that Zengar said it’s safe to do up to twice a day. But that I'd need to listen to my body and take rest if needed. I didn't play on doing twice a day (almost everyone seems to agree that's too much) but I had every intention of doing it once per day (more on this later).


After session #2, again I could tell “something” was happening. Perhaps that something was a little more prominent, although I had a hard time explaining what it was.


I’d say after my second session I was on a bit of a high. I felt really great about writing, and life in general. I felt optimistic about the future. Part of it I’m sure was that I was really excited that I was finally getting to use NeurOptimal, which was something I’d wanted to try for years.


For my third session, I tried the advanced session for the first time. Just FYI, the regular session is 33 minutes while the advanced session is around 45 minutes.


While my third session was going on, I clicked buttons on the computer, seeing what they did. Well, this really backfired on me. I clicked the “Autonav” button while the session was going and discovered this is something that you don’t want to do. J Again FYI, the newest version of NeurOptimal introduced a feature called Autonav which automatically adjusts the level (aka the number of skips you hear) during a session. After clicking Autonav, I noticed my session went ten minutes without doing any skipping. I knew that couldn’t be right. That’s when I adjusted the settings to a higher level and it began skipping non-stop, which wasn't good either!


So in the short term, I don’t think my third session really counted because I screwed it up by clicking too many buttons. But in the long term, I was glad I found out about this, because I realized the more you use the machine, the more it adjusts to your improved brain function. I was worried that over time, it would skip less and less and I'd get nothing out of the sessions. But as it turns out, the machine will skip roughly the same amount by being a little more particular as your brain gets better.


It was after my third session that I had a really bad night of sleep, waking up about two hours earlier than I normally do and not being able to fall back asleep. While I can’t quantify if this was because I ran three sessions in three days (with one advanced session) or if it was because of a storm that night, I decided to give my brain a break and take my first day off.


On Day 4, I wasn’t 100% confident that the connection was okay. Which seemed to be a common theme from sessions 4-8 worried that the connection wasn’t right. There’s a button called “Return Map” which basically shows squiggly lines. My understanding is the more sporatic the lines are the better, and I noticed mine were geometric-looking. I was told that this doesn't effect the quality of the sessions because NeurOptimal is smart enough to block out what they call line noise, but it did bother me and wanted to fix it.


There was one really interesting thing that happened, and again this could all be subjective at this point, but something else that I do is public speaking and online video courses. I was doing an online video, and I noticed a difference in how I spoke. Usually I stutter a little bit, using filler words like “uh” umm” ahh” “ya know”  but I found myself doing that a lot less often. I also had a lot more confidence that I could improv a video as opposed to reading from a script. This was a benefit that I never would’ve expected!


 On day five, it was a pretty normal session. I felt really calm afterword and was on a high even an hour or so after the session. While many factors could be at play, I noticed I was a little more drowsy during the midmorning then I thought I usually am. Usually the mornings are when I get a lot of work done, and the afternoons are when I start to feel groggy. When I first began with Neuroptimal, it seemed to be more of the opposite. I was a little tired in the mornings, but around 4 PM I felt good and I wasn’t as mentally drained as before.


Sessions 6-10


 In summary, the first five sessions had a lot of highs and excitement. I constantly analyzed how I felt and always wondered if it was because of Neuroptimal that I felt that way or because it was just a natural thing.


Sessions 6-10 were a lot less exciting for me. First off, I worried a lot about whether the sessions were getting hooked up properly. I’d been told repeatedly by Jean, and several other NeurOptimal trainers that the line noise had no effect on the sessions. I did believe this to be true because the music still skipped and played as I thought it should, but I still wanted to get the best connection that I could.  I tinkered with different headphones, positioning the computer away from me, and watched the computer screen constantly. In the end, headphones and keeping the zAmp further away from the computer seemed to do the trick.


One thing that I did begin doing is take days off more consistently. Where with before I was in a rush to get as many sessions done as possible, I eased up a bit in days 6-10 and only did it every other day. Jean told me this could be NeurOptimal starting to work for me. That I was in the mindset that “more is better” when in fact that might not necessarily be the case.


After my sessions I didn’t feel the high as they did before. But something I did notice, if anything, was how I handled life situations. NeurOptimal came to me at really a perfect time to test it out because I was in the process of buying and selling a home. That brought a ton of stress that I don’t normally have. I’ll never be able to quantify how I would’ve handled that really stressful week without NeurOptimal, but I’d have to think it did make the process a little bit easier.


 Another positive thing that I noticed was I was less anxious around a group of people. I’m an introvert by nature, so while I enjoy being out with a group of friends, if there are eight or more people around I tend to be quiet and feel emotionally drained afterward. Well, I got to hang out with around twelve people one night and it felt like I was calmer than I normally would be. This probably sounds like I was over analyzing things, but this is another thing that I would definitely chalk up as not part of a placebo effect. NeurOptimal really has made me feel a lot more comfortable talking to other people. That is for sure.


 While I wasn’t nearly as optimistic as I was after day 10 as I was day 5, I still was looking forward to continuing with NeurOptimal and seeing what it would do for me.


Sessions 11-15


 I must say, sessions 11-15 have gotten a lot better! I really was starting to have doubts, but feel like the subtle changes that I started to feel become more ingrained in me.


On session eleven, I played my second round of golf since using NeurOptimal. Zengar mentions on their website that NeurOptimal can help with athletic performance, and they specifically say it can help with golf. I play weekly in a golf league, and my first round was nothing out of the ordinary. I shot a 45, which is a couple shots higher than I normally shoot. However, that was only a couple days into using NeurOptimal. For my second round, I shot a 39, which was my best round in three years of being in my golf league!!! Again, I didn’t want to give NeurOptimal all of the credit. I jhad a really good putting day. But something I have noticed in the rounds I’ve played since using NeurOptimal, I don’t get nearly as angry or frustrated as I used to after a bad shot. Also, I don’t think so much about my score and instead take it shot by shot. I deftly notice subtle changes while I’m playing golf, particularly when I'm standing over the ball about to hit a shot, that I’m convinced has nothing to do with the placebo effect.


 Now, I won’t say everything has been perfect. As I mentioned in the beginning, the primary reason I wanted to use NeurOptimal was to improve my writing and concentration. After all of my sessions that I’ve done thus far, I haven’t noticed an extreme difference in this category yet. I’m optimistic that if I continue my sessions, I may start to see better improvements but as of today it’s been nothing drastic. Which isn’t to say that there hasn’t been any benefits in my writing. After my fifteen session which I did first thing in the morning, I got more writing done that day than I had in months. I wrote two blog posts, 1000 words of fiction writing, and I even wrote the first half of what you’re reading here while I was getting ready for bed. So a very productive writing day by my standards.


 Some other things I noticed in sessions 11-15, I feel really good afterward, and the sessions in general are very relaxing. I very much look forward to when I get to do a session. 


 While I am getting a little better about procrastinating, I feel like I still have improvements to be made in this area.


 After fifteen sessions, if I can say the biggest shift that I’ve noticed it would be in my communication. I seem to speak a lot more clearly. I’m also a lot more comfortable being around other people. And then even a lot better at listening, particularly to my wife. As an average, I also do seem to get more done at work. I don't get off task as I did before. Finally, I should at least mention that I feel like I’m more empathetic than I was before, but that is something that could just be a placebo effect. 


And speaking of my wife, she’s done around six sessions thus far. While she’s the type of person that never would admit if it’s working or not, I have noticed that she deals with stress a lot better. Particularly with our home buying and selling, she’s handled situations a better than I think she would have otherwise. She’s also been sleeping more soundly. Before NeurOptimal, she’d had a three or four weeks stretch where she really was sleeping terrible. While she still doesn’t sleep like a baby, she seems to be a lot more consistently positive in her sleeping patterns.


Quick side note: There was a really in-depth independent study on NeurOptimal which surveyed a lot of users and talked about the changes that they notice. You can view that here: 

The three things that people noticed NeurOptimal is most effective at was sleep, focus, and anxiety.  Over 80% of people reported pretty sizable improvements in these areas. 


I’ve learned a lot about NeurOptimal since I first starting using it, and learned that your results will vary depending on how your brain uses the information that it’s receiving. You could receive much better or worse results, but you’ll never know until you try. Very few people report negative side effects, and if they do, it’s usually drowsiness during or immediately after a session. I couldn’t find anywhere where someone reported really negative side effects, especially any that lasted for a long period of time.


To sum everything up, the changes I've noticed with NeurOptimal have been extremely positive. I may have downplayed it a bit in this post, but I'm very happy with my results thus far and really looking forward to continuing using the system. It has by no means been a miracle cure for all my problems, but considering it's been under a month since I first started using it, I can't believe how far I've come and REALLY excited by what the future holds! I've used Muse and Holosync and haven't gotten results anywhere close to what I have with NeurOptimal!


Like I said in the beginning, I rented a system from the Lake Erie Brain Performance Institute in Cleveland. If you live around that area, I would definitely call Jean and speak with her. She's a super cool lady! But even if you don’t live in Ohio, they do rent systems out to anyone in the US. She has been instrumental in helping answer any questions that I have. She responds quickly and thoroughly, and is well ingrained in the community. You can find links to some of her independent research on Zengar’s official website.


So... that's been my experience with NeurOptimal. I'll be sure to post updates if people are interested. If you have any questions, any at all, or if you have thoughts and opinions on what I’ve said above please post below. I’m interested to hear your thoughts!





  • Thanks very much Noodle! I for one would appreciate your continued reports!  :smile:

  • Sessions 16-20 Update


    After doing five more sessions, I really feel like things are starting to come together. I’ve been using NeurOptimal for just over a month now. I’m in the pattern now of doing a session every other day, first thing in the morning. This this past week has been one of my most consistently productive weeks ever!


    A big thing I’m starting to notice is that I’m able to work for longer stretches of time. During the late afternoon and evening, I used to be ready to unwind, watch some TV and then go to bed. Now, I feel like I can squeeze in some extra time if I need to and my mind can handle it.


    Many of the benefits from before I’m still experiencing, but they’re just more pronounced. I did an 11 minute training video the other day and got it right on the first take. That never happened before. I’d usually have to do multiple takes and pause and cut out certain parts while I was collecting my thoughts. I’ve found that I have MUCH greater confidence in my impromptu speaking.


    Also, I look back at my writing logs and see I’m getting more words done per day. I can contribute that to less days where I just don’t feel like being productive, and also I’m letting the words flow out more effortlessly and not letting my critical voice get in the way. My words per hour have definitely gone up, but I do hope to improve even further in this area.


    Comparing this to HeartMath, Holosync and MUSE, NeurOptimal has had much more dramatic and immediate results than the other three combined. While the others do work to some degree, it took months of using them before I subtly began to notice any changes. Right within the first few sessions of using NeurOptimal, I could feel something was happening. And now after twenty sessions, it’s quite clear that things have changed.


    I’ll continue to post updates after every five sessions. As a side note: I learned NeurOptimal has a setting where you can target higher gamma wave frequencies, which supposedly helps you make better connections and be more creative. They’re actually coming out with a version 3.0 soon that does this automatically, but you can sort of do this in the 2.0 version. I’m planning on testing this out starting with session 26.


    I still very much look forward to my next NeurOptimal session, and I can’t wait to see just how far this can take me! :-)

  • Hi Noodle24. Nice writeup, thanks for sharing!


    Would you be willing to add a statement to your posts declaring that you are not in any way, shape or form being compensated for posting this by Zengar or anyone affiliated with them?

  • Sure, Raza. I thought I'd mentioned that but I guess not.. I haven't received a penny from Zengar or anyone else for posting this. I just want to share my experience because I know the Bulletproof community is interested in NeurOptimal and there isn't a ton of information on it online. 

  • Sessions 21-25 Update


    I'm going to do my best here to not sound overly enthusiastic, but the results have been fantastic!  :-P


    These past couple of weeks I've had some of my most productive days ever. I procrastinate a lot less, and usually just jump in and do something without thinking.


    As I said in my previous post, one of the main reasons I wanted to use NeurOptimal was for my writing. Now I can finally say I'm starting to notice a significant difference in this area. I had pretty high expectations going in and they are starting to come into fruition. 


    I'm on a five day streak now where I've written at least 2,000 words. My previous streak was two. In fact, before using NeurOptimal, it had been a long time since I'd written 1,000 words on five consecutive days. Lately, I've consistently been able to write over 1,000 words-per-hour, with my best hour being 1,400.


    While this may not be anything spectacular for a seasoned writer, for me—compared to how I was writing in the past—this has been a major improvement.


    And while there's no way to quantify it, I've really enjoyed the writing process a lot more lately. I don't get so bogged down and think negative thoughts about my story or my progress. Instead, I stay focused on what's happening and let my fingers keep pounding on those keys.


    To summarize, after about 15 sessions I wasn't quite as thrilled with NeurOptimal as I'd hoped to be. Now after 25, I'm willing to say it has exceeded my expectations.


    For my next five sessions, I plan on doing the "high hertz" option of NeurOptimal which is supposed to help with creativity and forming new ideas. I'm told it should still help me keep the results I've already experienced.


    And for fun, I also purchased another MP3 track from the Zengar website, just to give myself a little variety during my sessions.


    I'll let you know how it goes! 

  • Thanks for these updates. Much appreciated. 


    I've taken one neuroptimal session and noticed some additional awareness at the time - on my brain shifting states. I attributed it to neuroptimal, as it wasn't something I'd experienced before. It lasted for about 6 months, and then I didn't notice it any longer. Specifically what I noticed was when I was going to sleep, I would notice a change in my brain state and shortly after that fall asleep. I would still be conscious. I'd like to try it again, to see if it comes back as I haven't experienced it for a while (my neuroptimal session was around 18 months ago).

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  • Sure, Raza. I thought I'd mentioned that but I guess not.. I haven't received a penny from Zengar or anyone else for posting this. I just want to share my experience because I know the Bulletproof community is interested in NeurOptimal and there isn't a ton of information on it online. 

    Ah well...I was going to ask if you ARE - how can I join up  :cool:  Thanks again for updating!

  • How much was your rental fee and for how long?


    If you don't mind sharing that info.

  • As I mentioned in the first post, I rented a system from the Lake Erie Brain Performance Institute. You can see their rental rates for a personal or professional system here:  That's me in the video giving the testimonial. :-)


    A few places online offer rentals, and from what I saw they're all around the same price. I ended up going with them because I could visit their location. It ended up being great, because Jean went out of her way to help answer my questions and she was such a cool lady. She was brewing some Bulletproof coffee when I walked in the door! :-) 


    Do whatever you can afford. Obviously, the more sessions you run the more you can expect to achieve.


    If I can give a recommendation based on my experience, I'd give yourself at least five sessions to evaluate whether NeurOptimal is right for you. While some people like Damien above mention significant changes in one session, that's probably an exception rather than the rule. From what I've learned, most people start to notice something is happening within 5 sessions, and that should be enough for you to decide if you want to do more.


    I rented a professional system for one month, but decided I had to go another month! I think of the investment as like going to a conference or seminar, except my experience has been WAY more impactful than any of the weekend lectures I've went to.


    I will say, I had the attitude that I was going to rent for a month and do a session every day, and maybe run two sessions/day toward the end. If you ask Zengar support, they say it's safe to run up to two sessions a day. HOWEVER, I later opted not to do this. I switched to running one session every couple of days. Your brain needs time to process the information. I think you can actually get MORE results by doing LESS. It's very much similar to lifting weights. You wouldn't want to do an arm workout every day. You'd be better off giving yourself a day or two in-between to let your muscles recuperate. So just keep that in mind when deciding what your initial investment should be.


    Hope that helps!

  • Sure, Raza. I thought I'd mentioned that but I guess not.. I haven't received a penny from Zengar or anyone else for posting this. I just want to share my experience because I know the Bulletproof community is interested in NeurOptimal and there isn't a ton of information on it online. 


  • Sessions 26-30


    I did decide to do a session with high hertz, and if you've read the previous posts, I'd intended on doing five sessions using that option. I noticed a lot more interruptions during that session, and asked the Zengar forums for more information. They said these more frequent interruptions was normal. But then there was some discussion around using high hertz, and what I got out of that conversation was that I shouldn't expect to see much of a difference. The regular sessions were more than satisfactory to get the results I'm hoping for. That's because the regular sessions do measure gamma waves, which was what I was wanting all along. This I did not know. It's just that the regular sessions stop at 42 Hz where if I did the High Hz it would go up to around 70 or something like that.


    So with that, I decided to just continue doing regular sessions. When NeurOptimal 3.0 comes out and the high hertz is built-in by default in the regular sessions, then I'd be interested in seeing if I notice any differences. But I'm not going to concern myself with it that much since my current regular sessions do measure up to 42 Hz gamma waves.


    And another separate technical issue, I'd previously mentioned experiencing some line noise during my sessions. I now think I've found THE reason why it's happening. It seems to do it any time I have my light on in my room, which uses the same wall outlet as the laptop running NeurOptimal. It seems to be a pretty high correlation when the light is on there's line noise and when I turn it off the line noise goes away. I haven't tried having the light on but plugged in from a different outlet, and probably won't since I'm perfectly fine running sessions without the light on. If you haven't read my previous posts, I was told repeatedly that line noise would NOT affect my sessions, but if I could get rid of it, it'd be preferred. So now I seem to be consistently running good sessions, and I'm getting pretty speedy at hooking five sensors up to my head. :-)


    As for how I'm feeling, things have been going well. Although I will admit, I did have one day last week where I really had an unproductive day. It was hard to get much writing done and I felt a little like my old self. However, after doing a session the next day, and continuing my every other day pace, I feel like I'm back on my game.


    This morning I wrote 2K words of fiction in under two hours. Which as I'll say again, NEVER happened before using NeurOptimal and I'd been writing about daily for the last 3 years. I'd sometimes have 2K writing days, but it'd usually take me 3-4 hours to do it. I find it much easier to get in the "writing zone". I'm also typing out this post about as fast as my fingers can type.


    The other thing which has just been incredible is my speaking ability. I do online training courses on Udemy, and I find it so easy now to just think of a topic, start recording, and get the video done in one take. Before, I'd stumble through my words, have to start/restart, and cut out parts. I had a couple days where I cranked out 5-6 videos one after the other, all in one take, which is simply AWESOME and something I never would have expected that I'd be able to do a couple months ago when I first started using NeurOptimal.


    In all honesty, I feel like there's room for improvement. The results from using NeurOptimal are certainly not perfect and it's not a miracle device by any means. I'm not anything like Bradley Cooper in the movie Limitless. :-P I wish I could have locked in focus for hours at a time but that simply doesn't happen yet (and maybe never will). But I've experienced some really nice improvements like what I've mentioned above..


    I know just how much a barrier the price point NeurOptimal is because it'd been something I wanted to try for three years. Now that I've experienced it, though, I feel like it's been more than worth it. Two months of renting a system has brought such profound changes. It's easily been the best personal development and mental upgrade in my life and I've tried a lot of things previously (MUSE, Heartmath, Meditation, Bulletproof Diet/Coffee, Conferences).


    As for where to go from here, I'm going to do another month. I'm going to keep my sessions and pace pretty much the same. One thing I will start doing more is varying what I do during sessions. Thus far, I've mostly just sat there with my eyes closed and listened for the interruptions. I think now I'll try doing some reading, or maybe even try writing during some sessions. I'm not expecting this to make much of a difference in terms of results. I was just told that many people have read while doing their sessions and still received great results from using NeurOptimal, so if I can kill two birds with one stone then why not. :-)


    Hope you've found this helpful. Again, any questions you have I'm more than happy to answer.

  • Have you considered 2 sessions/day on alternate days?  Assuming you still take alternate days off for recuperation/integration, and considering the finite rental period, it seems like a worthwhile experiment.

  • hza - Hmm, usually I do a session first thing in the morning. When I do, I feel pretty "on" throughout the day. To the point where I'd feel doing two in one day would just be overdoing it. I suppose I could try it sometime. Maybe for my final day with the system. ;-)

  • What about another session at the end of the day then?  That way you get to be "on" all day and still experiment a little.  They say nfb is best early, but I do mine before bed and it still works for me. 

  • Right, that's what I'm saying. I feel like doing two sessions in a day, even if they were spaced out morning and night, would be too much for me. I'm pretty content just doing one session per 48 hours. It's tempting to do "more! more! more!" but I learned from lifting and running marathons that working out more frequently doesn't necessarily equate to better results.


    For example, if you did an arm workout in the morning, you wouldn't say "Hey, since I'm taking the day off tomorrow, I'll do another workout in the evening before bed." Instead, you'd use the rest you'd already built up during that day, in addition to the rest you'd get the following day.


    Maybe it's not right to compare lifting and doing neurofeedback, but that's how I'm approaching it in regards to my session frequency. :-)

  • Sessions 31-40


    I continue to do my every other day pace. Although, there was one time where I did back to back sessions. I wanted to see how NeurOptimal would help a hangover. :-)


    SIde note: I rarely drink, but every now and then you have to live it up right?


    There isn't a lot to report from these ten sessions. The biggest thing I've started doing is experimenting during my sessions. For the most part, my first thirty sessions I'd sit there with my eyes closed and listen for the interruptions. I love the Zengar music, and find it both enjoyable and relaxing. But I wanted to see if I could get some productivity out of that 33-45 minutes of my sessions.


    I asked experts in the Zengar forums, whether it was somehow "better" to just sit there with eyes closed, verses reading/writing or doing other things during a session, and the consensus I got was that it did NOT matter. I was told around 80% of the interruptions NeurOptimal gives, the conscious mind doesn't even hear. The other 20%, the skipping in the music you hear, happens when a lot of interruptions happen at the same time.


    One lady mentioned doing a study and seeing results in clients no matter what they were doing during a session.


    With all that said, it gave me the confidence to try writing fiction while I was hooked up during a session. Again, no wild claims or anything to report here. My writing speed was pretty average while I was listening to NeurOptimal. I also did some reading, and I did seem to stay pretty focused when that was going on, but I've only read during two sessions so that's a pretty small sample size to say that it helps.


    All of this doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. What's most important is how NeurOptimal effects me the other 23 1/2 hours of the day. And with that, all I can say is I feel that the positive changes are becoming more and more ingrained.


    With writing, I very consistently write at a 1,000 words/hour pace. It's so effortless now to do this, where before I'd only reach those speeds if I was really zoned in. So before I might be able to write that fast once/month, where now I can do it DAILY!!!


    I recently just moved, which is normally a very stressful experience for most, but I handled the whole process exceedingly well. Little chores around the house I'd usually procrastinate on, I seemed to do automatically. Of course, I have no way to quantify this, and it could just be a placebo. I'm just saying it seems like I'm much better about overcoming procrastination with certain tasks. I'd make a strong assumption that NeurOptimal has helped with this.


    I'll likely continue reading or writing during my sessions. At this point, there really isn't anything additional I'm hoping to get from NeurOptimal. This is something worth noting to you folks who are considering trying this. The last major "breakthrough" I felt I was getting happened in the 20-25 session range when my writing speeds really started taking off. The last 15 sessions or so have more felt like "maintenance mode". Which isn't a bad thing by any means. I suppose the next thing I could try is going a week or two completely off NeurOptimal and seeing if the results stay with me. I'm not quite ready to do that yet, though, because I still really enjoy doing the sessions, and love even more the results I'm seeing! :-)


    I'd still highly encourage anyone to at least give it a ten session trial. By then, you'll likely start noticing something and whether it's right for you. I know NeurOptimal is expensive, but you only live once, and owe it to yourself to see what it can do for you. NeurOptimal, for me, has been WAY above the investment cost. I just hope I can feel this way (or better) for the rest of my life. It's been by far my #1 biohack to date.

  • Any updates on your sessions? I've been really keen to try it out but there's very few places in the UK that offer it. So much so i'm contemplating getting the pro system and actually offering sessions/renting it out myself. I figured rather than get the personal system and maybe sell it on for a loss in a year or so i could eventually recoup the full cost from sessions etc.


    If anyone in the South would be interested in this let me know so i can figure out if it's worth it.

  • DManDMan Master of Arts ✭✭✭
    I am interested but i live in Germany. :p

    Fyi i Talked to Some therapist who offenes neurofeedback Training. She Said in Order to make the New brain Wave Patterns stick forever One should do about 60 sessions.

    May you be well, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be loved.

    How much to eat:
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  • Sessions 41-50


    I've been sticking with the same schedule, doing it every other day. I've actually started a new morning routine where one day I'll wake up and lift weights (using StrongLifts protocol for what it's worth) and doing NeurOptimal the other days. So it's like I train my body and brain on separate days. :-)


    The last ten sessions I have read books during the sessions. Sometimes fiction. Sometimes non-fiction. I did try writing during my sessions, but I stopped doing it because I got paranoid about my brain hearing the clicking of keys on the keyboards. I didn't want to confuse my mind with the interruptions from NeurOptimal and the keyboard keys. It may or may not make much of a difference, but I'm just as happy sitting there reading so I just decided to do that instead.


    Something I've noticed is I'm able to really focus on reading when listening to NeurOptimal. There's little mental chatter going on while I'm reading. I haven't measured it, but I'll bet my reading speeds are above average when I'm hooked up to the system.


    As for my experience when not being hooked up to the system, honestly... I don't feel much difference (good or bad) than what I've experienced before. Without a doubt, I feel I've reached a "new normal" that's allowed me to be more focused, better handle stress, and have more confidence in various situations.


    Lately, I feel like I experience more of these positive changes on my "off" days. That could be because of my new lifting routine, or it may be because my mind has had a full day to take in the feedback and use the information it has received. I have no idea the answer to this. But this has been my observation.


    With that being said, I think I'm going to experiment with doing less training. I'm interested to see what taking a few days off will do. I feel more confident that the positive changes are going to stay with me, and that I'm not going to "lose" them if I take some days off. Zengar recommends doing training 1-2 times a week (but still "safe" to do twice/day). Since I've been doing 3-4 times a week, I'm sure cutting back a little won't be a problem!


    I'll end by saying that I can't believe I've done 50 sessions now! I still very much enjoy doing them. The sessions are very relaxing, although, I haven't felt the "high" afterwards like I used too, especially during those first 20 sessions. I don't consider that a good or a bad thing.


    It's definitely been my top biohack to-date. Of course, I don't feel like things are perfect, and that there's always room for improvement. But when I think back to where my focus and writing/speaking skills were just a few short months ago, I'm quite pleased with the accelerated progress I've made and there's only NeurOptimal to thank for that.

  • I did in excess of 50 extended sessions over a few months (roughly a couple of years ago) with fairly marginal substantial effects. I think if I had spent the equivalent amount of time meditating (which I've done sporadically for years), I would have achieved just as much, at far less cost. I suspect this situation is somewhat like nootropics, where there is a wide and very variable range of response/utility for different noots across differing groups of people.


    If you want to moderately supercharge your brain versus remediate various conditions, there may be much better choices.


    I notice that 40 years of Zen has subsequently been pretty highly touted from time to time, which seems like it would be superflous if Neuroptimal (and the supposed theory behind it) were really all that generally great (versus, say, Neuroptimal sometimes being a useful/valuable first step for some fraction of the population).

  • I had a good experience with NeurOptimal too. Unfortunately, I cannot give a detailed description now except a general review. From what I remember and in my perception, I am not sure it was life-changing, but it was indeed great.


    Does anyone here know if it is true that NeurOptimal has its benefits reduced if the you make use of binaural beats? I often consume subliminal imagery accompanied by binaural beats (by the way, recommended, you can find on youtube).

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