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Hi everyone!


I just joined this forum today and I'm already finding it helpful. I've been fiddling with the bulletproof diet on and off for a long time without much success. It's mostly due to my own fault -- life gets in the way and I slip up. I recently decided to REALLY try giving the diet my all without slipping up every few days. The weight has been slowly creeping up since I turned 30, and I am now finding myself 25-30lbs over my ideal weight. I'm only 34, so I can't keep letting the weight creep on at 5-10lbs a year like this!


The problem I've had is that I'm "good" all day long on a low carb diet, but then a few times a week at night I WANT CARBS. LIKE A MONSTER. It's hard to control. So I find myself grabbing handfuls of popcorn and it ruins whatever good I've done during the day.


I recently read up on a few bulletproof posts and paleo posts, and I think the problem is that I was eating too high protein and too low fat. I thought I was adding a good bit of fat with avocado and butter and such, but now I think I need to add a LOT more. I think I had no idea what a high fat diet even looked like because I spent SO many years afraid of fat in any form.


I've been logging my food in MyFitnessPal for exactly 1 month now to gain some insight, and I realized the following:


1. I need to stop eating popcorn at night a few times a week.

2. I need to eat way more fat and way less protein. My diet was under 60g of carbs a day usually, but my percentage of protein was usually much much higher than the percentage of fat.

3. I need to not drink alcohol on the weekends. I'm relatively young and I like to go out with my friends, but a martini on a Saturday leads to bad eating choices and sugar/calories that I don't need to be ingesting. 


So yesterday I began again. Any comments are welcome, also tips for late night snacking!




Breakfast: 3 pastured eggs with butter and a dollop of guacamole

Lunch: a large iced coffee with milk (no sweetener)

Dinner: about 8oz of fatty rib-eye, kale salad with walnuts and avocado, grilled yellow squash with butter

Late night snack: a package of Kirkland seaweed snack (100 calories, 5g carbs)


I know the seaweed snacks aren't the greatest for me (I've heard bad things about consuming a lot of them) but it's better than popcorn!


Today I started off with some bulletproof coffee with kerrygold and I felt great! But around 2pm I got hungry and ate about 1oz or so of cheese. I work weird hours at work, only 6 hour shifts, so I tend to skip lunch since my days are so short.


  • ACH85ACH85 ✭✭

    The problem I've had is that I'm "good" all day long on a low carb diet, but then a few times a week at night I WANT CARBS. LIKE A MONSTER. It's hard to control. So I find myself grabbing handfuls of popcorn and it ruins whatever good I've done during the day.


    Welcome to the forum.


    Disclaimer: dude in the women's forum. According to the BP diet roadmap, we can have a serving of fruit or starch in the evening. Plus we're supposed to carb refeed at least once a week. 


    Here's Dave's article on bulletproof diet hacks for women. See #4. He says some women will need to refeed twice a week, and a refeed is up to 300g carbs. So perhaps your instinct to eat carbs like a monster is correct. Just don't eat crap like popcorn, eat BP safe starches. Do be aware carbs increase scale weight with water retention, since glycogen (stored carb energy) is stored in a glucose/water matrix. When you refeed, remember that it is impossible to gain large amounts of fat overnight. Seeing a 5lb increase overnight is not abnormal. It's just water and the weight of the food as it travels through your gut. 

  • Thanks for the advice! I'll plan a refeed this weekend and see how I'm feeling next week.

    Also thanks for the heads up on the water weight. I'll try not to freak out with a 5lb increase after eating some white rice or sweet potatoes lol
  • I would just like to report that I'm doing great so far!


    I've upped my fat intake to higher than anything I've ever had before, and I find that my cravings are disappearing. I start off the day with BPC with MCT oil, and I don't eat until around 2pm. At that time, I have some protein and fat, something small, like two scrambled eggs with butter, and then I'm good until dinner where I load up on veggies and protein and fat.


    I'm going to start adding supplements into the mix per Skye's recommendations: Vitamin K, D3, and Magnesium. 


    I've lost 3.5lbs in 5 days! I realize it's water weight, but this is the lowest weight I've been in a very long time, and I'm not hungry. So cool. My body also feels tighter? I think it's likely due to the water weight coming off... I don't feel as puffy, if that makes sense.

  • I'm now at 6.5lbs of weight loss. It's slow weight loss, but steady. I haven't been this low in over a year.

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