Provigil/modafinil & Other Med Interactions...

Hi. I'm a complete newb to the site - but have spent awhile perusing the site for more information. From my understanding the community is heavy on taking supplements / eating well / taking care of yourself. I also understand it's not necessarily a community familiar with depression/anxiety - or the mainstream drugs that are usually prescribed for their treatment. The latter drugs are part of my regimen and are absolutely medically necessary, however, I really hope to avail myself of the community's experience with Provigil


I'm currently under the care of a physician - and am taking an SSRI (Zoloft) along with Lamictal (mood stabilizer) and was recently prescribed trials for Nuvigi & l  Provigil. I've taken stimulants (dextrostat, adderall, ritalin - in all their incarnations - but it's too much for me in any dosage). So with First it was Nuvigil - 150mgs. My experience is NO WHERE NEAR what it is for many, many others. I was tired after the Nuvigil - yawning -  and after 3 days had the worst pounding headache - I was considering the emergency room. I did however feel as though there was some 'hope' to the medication as I had a slight boost in mood and didn't want to just sit around all day during the first 2 days. I also had no trouble falling asleep (though I take a sleeping pill as well). But there was absolutely no way I could even attempt it again after that headache.


So, my doctor prescribed 100 mgs of Provigil. I have the 200 tablets to split (she gave me the script for the Provigil the same day as the Nuvigil just in case and gave me a higher dosage than I was willing to try after experiences with Nuvigil). I have a slight headache and tight jaw. But - I am engaging with the world (haven't posted on a forum for ages). No euphoria or anything of the like. But I am hopeful that I am in the wheel house of something that could possibly work. 


I've read that Zoloft has an effect on dopamine - and am wondering if anyone has had an experience with this combo in the past.


I'm also seeing some supplements people are posting that they've had good experiences with and am considering whether or not I need to supplement with something and have a baseline that needs support in addition to the pharma meds I am taking.


I really appreciate any insight - I've been running around on med combos for awhile and refuse to live the rest of my life like this.


If you'd like to point me to another thread - where something like this is already posted - that would be great - 






  • Years ago ,   I was on cymbalta,  and  provigil .    then was prescribed strattera ,     then leaned off cymbalta , then leaned of strattera .


    Then just nootropics now.     so through 8 years.   Ive managed to become reliant on nootropics and health diet/ exercise .     its a journey and takes time.


    look / search in forums for stacks .    talk with Doctor about your regimens when implemented  

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    I also take Zoloft and was taking 100x2 daily but

    Over a years time I am down to 50mg x1 daily. You never mentioned your Zoloft dose. I think zoloft effects serotonin more so than your dopamine levels. But I too have lived with anxiety and a few years back I was taking Xanax and colotipine* but thankfully I haven't had any benzo in years. I do supplement with nootropic and for

    Me found them to be very effective in improving my brain function and overall well being. There

    Are certain nootropics such as Tianeptine And Phenibut that helps me keep my anxiety in check under times of stress. I take cycle Adrafinil in my stack 2-4 times a week and I have had great result and have had no noticeable interaction between it and Zoloft . If your not familiar with adrafinil it is the pro drug to provigal meaning when you take adrafinil your body turns it

    To provigal and produces the same effect for most healthy adults. A noticeable difference is adrafinil takes up to 1hr to start working and a larger dose is needed to produce the same results as provigal. I would compare a good pure adrafinil dose of 300-350mg =200mg Provigal. Hope this helps!

  • You need to be very careful when taking anti-depressants.  You cannot just stop them without some serious risks.  There is an organization, that counsels and helps people who want to try a natural way to deal with depression and anxiety.  They help you get off meds, if possible and work with your MD if he or she is willing.  I called them about the ingredients in Empoweplus, their main supplement, and all the ingredients are bulletproof.

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