One Year (Almost) Bulletproof Results

As close to Bulletproof as I could be. Cut Dairy ( except KerryGold) and Gluten to this day

October 21, 2013

Wt. 227

Pants waist size 38 with muffin top

Shirts XL

Blood work:

Total Cholesterol 214

HDL: 49

LDL: 134

Trig.: 154


September 17 2014

Wt. 185

Pants waist size: 32

Shirts: Medium

Blood Work:

Total Cholesterol 230

HDL: 79

LDL: 133

Trig.: 90


Big changes in HDL and Trig.  HDL as BP advertised, but I was under the impression the Trig's would go up. Where can I make more progress?


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    Excellent. Glad you shared this! Nice weight loss and LOVE the HDL and Trig stat changes...


    What supplements do you take daily and in what amounts?


    I would highly suggest taking 8-10 grams of vitamin C daily, broken up into as many doses as possible. If you have heart issues, or a family history of heart issue, then 15-20 grams/day, along with 7 or 8 grams of lysine. You may need to work up to this amount of vitC if you have a lower bowel tolerance. If you're sick though, you'll need to boost that 5 to 10 times (sounds extreme, but healthy animals make around 10g of vitC/day, compared to humans by weight, but make up to 100g+ when injured or sick).


    Also, if you have any root canals, you'll never be at your best. 100% of root canals are infected, without exception. You'll never hear this from the ADA. The bacteria growing in these dead husks is some of the most toxic known and leaches into your bloodstream with each and every bite of your grass-fed steak. These are the #1 cause of heart disease, and causes all kinds of disease, such as paralysis, chronic infections, stroke, cancer, you name it.

    Just do a search for "Root Canals" along with "Dr. Hal Huggins" or "Dr. Thomas E. Levy".


    Congrats if you don't have any root canals, but make sure you take care of any other dental issues as well, such as mercury amalgam fillings. These this=ngs are NOT bulletproof.



    On a lighter note... CONGRATS!  :)

    Are you in need of a Bulletproof Diet coach??





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  • Nice weight loss. Congrats :)

  • August 17, 2015

    Results just short of year 2:

    Previous numbers above.


    Weight approx. 182. Touched 177 doing intermittent fasting because I wanted to lose 50lbs.. Intermittent fast very diet - like. Standard BP eating very easy.

    Total Cholesterol 199

    HDL is not 65

    LDL 88 down from 133

    Trig. rose to 232 from 90....from Fasting? No food 15 hours before blood work.



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