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  • Yeah. That was a good show Evan. I found two different ones near me, 30min and 1hr away. My question was, and I know I'll have to see how the one close to me operates, but how did y'all's sessions end? Know Maverick said music came on would wouldn't seem to bad. Was just concerned that if you are zoned out and a buzzer sounded to let you know time was up, would be a shock to your senses and ruin the relaxed effect you might of had.
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    Thanks. There's no buzzer, most of the time, the music fades back in as well as the lights. When the music comes back on, I am usually so happy, refreshed and lay there just smiling to the sounds of the birds or whatever type of music comes on.


    If you are anywhere near Austin, go to Kevin's place. The tanks are so big that you can stretch out in any direction and not touch the walls.

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  • Bump* I've always been intrigued to try this, I live near to 2 of them but have never found the time. Anyone ever had any hallucinogenic stories?? I read some experiences on this float forum some of them have creeped me out. I also suffer from bad migraines and have read this may be able to help me! - The only focused Floatation, Sensory Deprivation & Meditation Forum.

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