Brain Octane Vs. Coconut Oil

It seems as if ever since I switched from using coconut oil to brain octane that I am very hungry about an hr and a half after my coffee. It is also making me more mentally crazy and craving food more than before. Anyone have any ideas?


  • More butter, less Octane?


    Have you played around, or just swapped out coconut for octane?




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  • I just swapped it out... I use 1 tbs of oil 2tbs butter
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    If the octane is not working for you,

    switch back to the coconut oil, if that was doing the trick.

    You'll save some money as well.

    If interested, you could always try MCT oil...sort of halfway between CO & Octane (closer to octane really)

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  • Just a heads up for those who use coconut oil in their coffee.  I was at Whole Foods and picked up some Nature's Way "Raw Coconut" oil and it is gross in coffee!  Alters the flavor and texture for the worst, and leaves tons of residue at the bottom of each cup.  Horrible.  I don't know if they switched to raw or if I just grabbed the wrong stuff, but it sucks in coffee.

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