Post Vomit "cures"

Looks like the 8yr old ate some junk at school that made her puke. Any post puke suggestions for hydration, food, other?


Thanks in advance.


  • Isn't ginger supposed to be effective for that?

  • Ginger would help if she is still nauseated but is very warming in nature and may be uncomfortable to mix with inc. acidity. White rice is a great staple for the stomach post-vomit.

  • Slippery elm

  • jcg3jcg3 ✭✭✭

    With upset tummies, I usually offer my kids the following: sweet potato (usually with a little butter), white rice with a little butter and salt, applesauce.


    We've also tried a ginger tea, which kinda helps. If you have slippery elm or marshmallow root you can make teas out of them - should be helpful.


    Putting some sea salt in water is also helpful - helps them re-hydrate and regain some lost saline (I call it home made gatorade, which seems to help them understand it).


    Normally, vomiting gets rid of most of the offending problems. You can try some activated charcoal (capsule if they can swallow it, or mix it in some water) if you're worried they might have some food poisoning or need it.

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