Blood Panel - Help!

here are my results from blood lipid panel yesterday:


Cholesterol, Total         232

Triglycerides                 152

HDL Cholesterol            54

LDL Cholesterol           148

Chol/HDL Ratio             4.3

Non-HDL Cholesterol   178


I jumped off the BP Coffee and diet for about 2 months to kick-start a stall. Got back on about a 2 weeks ago. Doc has been perstering me to go on Crestor. I'm genuinely worried about the side effects, especially the muscle soreness -- which I am concerned could inhibit my fitness routines (weight training, boxing/kickboxing, and cycling)


  • That's some really high triglycerides and LDL there. How long were you doing BP and how exactly did you eat during that time (Macronutrients layout, food preparation, green-red spectrum..)? What exactly where you doing during those last 2 months (McDonald's?)? When I started eating BP my triglycerides went down significantly (I assume that's because my lipase went through the roof to break them all down into monoglycerides) and my LDL stayed for a while, but that changed after around 6 months when it went down and my HDL increased tremendously (above 75).


    Also, do you have any health conditions or chronic illnesses? I think you should also consider getting your hs-CRP and LpPLa2 checked, because those are some great inflammation markers and could further explain why you're feeling sore and just in general give a good insight into your health. High lipids is one thing, inflammation another.

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  • Thanks for the reply. Here is my typical diet:


    AM - BP coffee

    Noon - Green Juice (Kale, Celery, Cucumber, Ginger, Lime, Apple)

    Evening - Leafy greens, red meat or chicken



    Usually ~1,600 cals per day 40/40/20 (fat/protein/carbs)


    While away from BP I increased carb consumption (added 1-2 cups of oatmeal per day) but still tried to eat clean (e.g., no McDonald's). I did this because I felt I had burned out my metabolism. This would be exhibited by no weight loss or body composition change despite say, 3kCal strenuous excersize (most while fasted) above BMR per day.


    I do also supplement my diet with EFAs, CLA, Plant Stenols, Yohimbine, Creatine, Vitamin C, D, K2, and CoQ10

  • My latest bloods!


    Cholesterol, Total          8.21

    Triglycerides                1.00

    HDL Cholesterol           2.20

    LDL Cholesterol           5.56

    Chol/HDL Ratio           3,73



    The cholesterol level of 8.21 is higher than recommended by most authorities, and the LDL (the component of cholesterol that is associated with development of cardiovascular disease) is high at 5.56. 


    The ratio'HDL % of total figure' is probably the better guide though to primary risk from cholesterol (ie the risk from cholesterol alone, if there is no established heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes for example) - at 21%, your risk of developing heart disease over the next 10 years from cholesterol induced damage alone is probably very low, but may rise if other risk factors are present. The ratio formed by dividing cholesterol by HDL is probably the better guide to primary risk from cholesterol (ie the risk from cholesterol alone, if there is no established heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes for example) - at 3.73 it is below the ideal score of 4.5 or lower, which implies your risk of developing heart disease from cholesterol induced damage alone is perhaps not as high as the headline total level might suggest.


    Your absolute risk of developing heart and vascular disease is dependent on a number of factors including weight, blood pressure, whether you smoke or are diabetic or not, and family history. The high LDL level alone represents another risk factor, despite the good HDL and ratio, so it would be in your interests to try to reduce this reading. A discussion with your usual practice nurse or doctor about how best to achieve this would be useful, if you are at all uncertain.


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