Neuroptimal Personal System For Sale! (Time-Limited)

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[UPDATE - System has now been sold!]


Hi there! I'm selling my Neuroptimal Personal System in the UK.


The system has served me really well - I’ve seen big improvements in sleep, reading concentration, clearer thinking and writing fluidity, and lowered stress and anxiety.  After about 60 sessions, I feel like the gains have cemented.  


I’m looking to sell, and put the funds towards a new project abroad.


Quality: Condition is excellent, and system is in perfect working order.


Price: The system costs $5500 new from Zengar. To buy it new in the UK with the hefty shipping/customs cost me around £4000 - I’ll sell for significantly less. Please make me an offer :)


Delivery: I can bring it to your door in London, or ship to elsewhere in UK/international.


Time-limited: If unsold before ~12th October, I’ll probably take it abroad with me... so please message me ASAP if you're interested in buying!



System Overview:

-235/300 sessions remaining
-Purchased April, 2014

-Perfect working condition

-Free tubes of conductive paste (new)

-Complete, out-of-the-box system: Computer, Z-Amp, Sensors, Instructional Manual, Paste, Original Box.


Looking forward to hearing from you!




  • Hmmmmmmmmm I've been super tempted to get one for a while. What's your price bracket looking like? I've never actually tried it so don't know if it's for me but i'm still tempted like mad. 

  • HI Carlosis -


    PM'd you :)

  • I'm interested as well. PM me! :)

  • Update: This has now been sold. Sorry if I didn't reply to your message - I got a convenient offer almost immediately and decided to go with that. Thanks for your interest.

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