Brand New To Bp, And So Confused!

I am just starting this morning and, after reading the book and researching through the forums, I am very confused about lots of aspects of this. 


1. When you are trying to lose weight on this diet, can you have a protein snack mid-morning? I'm hungry after having my BP beverage (it's been about 4 hours) and I think I still have 3 more hours to go before my fast is done. 


2. Do we do a 16-hour fast every day during the first two weeks? If not, do we just eat when we're hungry after having our BP drink? 


3. For those trying to lose weight fast (or a lot of weight), are folks supposed to add protein into their drinks? What about collagen? 


4. On another thread, someone mentioned that they were thinking of giving up the BP diet because they wanted to eat raw vegetables as well as berries and grapefruit. I thought that either eating raw or cooking our food at low temps was ideal on this diet, and I also thought we were allowed to have some berries in moderation as a dessert. And I thought grapefruit was a "suspect" food, so we had to test that for ourselves? Am I wrong on these points? 


5. Does anyone have a simple plan for the first 2 weeks in general? i.e., what to avoid eating during the first two weeks, workout rules, what to include in our BP beverage (MCT/XCT/Brain Octane, whey protein, collagen, grassfed butter/Ghee), fasting, etc.?  


And so many more questions, but I'll save those for later. 


Thank you so much!



  • 1. Many people (especially women) do not do so well with intermittent fasting.  If it works for you, great; otherwise, you can eat a full breakfast with your Bulletproof Coffee. 


    2. If you are hungry, you might want to eat some protein for PYY3-36 expression (a leptin signaling pathway that makes you less hungry).


    3. It depends on the reason for why you carry excess weight.  For some, protein fasting will be anti-inflammatory and aid with the weight loss.  If you exercise a lot, protein will help build muscle and raise your metabolism.


    4. That person was confused.  Eating raw vegetables are encouraged.  People who are sensitive to oxalic acid might want to cook their dark greens.  Berries are a green zone food, so you should eat lots of berries.  They are nutrient dense and low in fructose.  Grapefruit is hard on the liver and you are going to need your liver to filter out the toxins released from the fat you are losing. 


    5. Make a spreadsheet (there used to be one on the Forums, but I cannot find it).  Start with eating 2% of your body weight in fat, protein, and carbohydrates (2g/kg).  Eat your carbs around your workouts, or at night if it is a rest day.  Drink your BP coffee in the morning (unless you are going to work out soon after, then just drink it black).  I am going to leave workout rules alone.  There are a lot of philosophies out there and people who are more successful in this area than I am.


    Takeaways:  There are many ways to follow the Bulletproof Diet and many different protocols.  You have to adjust to your lifestyle.  Do not be dogmatic.  Do what works.

  • I would not recommend a full breakfast with your BP coffee...especially daily.  I use BP collagen most mornings in my BP coffee.  A few days a week I skip that and go for a little extra protein by way of some eggs or bacon.  Whey protein is not good for hot liquids.  The BP collagen has helped my hair and nails.  I also put it in my kids GF pancakes and their BP hot chocolate.  I love it.  I use Brain Octane and do notice an upgrade in brain clarity compared to other MCT oils.  If you are hungry to soon after BP coffee, try adding more fats slowly.  If you have quality eggs, you can also put 1 or 2 egg yolks in the coffee.

  • There are many ways to follow the Bulletproof Diet and many different protocols.  You have to adjust to your lifestyle.  Do not be dogmatic.  Do what works.


    Do not get overwhelmed trying to do everything perfectly, just take consistent steps in the right direction, experiment and take notes and over time you'll get more and more dialed in to where it becomes second nature and you're able to adapt to what's going on in life, at work, if travelling etc.

  • Hi Healeyhiker,

    Can I ask how long it took for you to notice improved hair and nails on the BP collagen? Thanks.
  • BMK -

    Sorry  I did not see this till now. I would estimate I saw a little difference in three months.  Now it being October, I see more improvements.  Although, it is probably a combination of things, not just the collagen.   

  • One thing someone told me when I was confused at the beginning was "don't be afraid of butter."  After that I increased my butter in my coffee and found that did carry me longer.  I started adding collagen to my coffee, too.  I need the protein in the am.  As someone said earlier in the thread, don't be dogmatic.  There is not just one way to be Bulletproof.  Eat from the green side of the list, check your macros from time to time (it is easy to slip out of your ideals if you don't check yourself) and keep on reading/researching.  I am constantly learning something new that I can adjust.   Not everything you read on the forums will apply to you, so take what you need and leave the rest behind.   As Dave said, any step to being BP is a good step.  So if all you do is eat from the green side of the list, you are doing well.  Add in the macro balancing for your lifestyle, and that is better.   It IS a lot to absorb all at once and I wanted to jump in with both feet.  I cannot imagine eating any other way now that we are well into our BP life.  We love it.

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