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Don't know if anyone has read Yasko's free books on genetic. About optimizing natural expulsion of metals ect. by improving the methylation cycle. If anyone has ever smoked like myself, you know you probably have some toxin in your tissues from it. Or maybe you got a load of aluminium from pans and baked goods messing with your energy levels and brain function and need a detox. We all need the methylation supports anyway so has anyone trying to follow the advise been able to do it correctly? How'd it go? CBS much of a hurdle to overcome trying to body-build simulatiously? 


Anti-aging involved here to because the BH4 that's part of the cycle helps us not generate too much super-oxide.


  • Based on the approach on Ben Lynch's cite, I added a few supplements that have had a big difference in my energy and that I believe are helping me to safely detox.   Prior to this, I have attempted "detox" protocols and have been knocked on my ass with blinding headaches and sickness.  Thus I like the cautious approach he takes in correcting specific parts of the methylation pathways before moving on to the next.  For instance, when I started, even just taking Milk Thistle would make me sick because I was so toxic.


    I first cleaned up my diet.  Paleo/bulletproof.  Just that for about six months.  As I got used to it, I focused more and more on nutrients and minerals.  San Pelegrino and an Acient Earth Mineral (body ecology) supplement both gave me a nice boost of energy.  After about a year, I dug into the articles on Yasko's site and  I'm homozygous, so jumped in a little too deep and had to stop after a few days.  Went back and took the less aggressive hetero approach of just a simple methyB12+methylFolate in addition to clean diet and minerals.  Another big jump in energy and sense of well being.  About a month in, I add Lynch's "Liver Nutrients" which made me ill at first but I would just take one every three days and over a few weeks I worked myself up to taking a couple/day.  This supplement makes me thirsty and I am peeing alot, pretty dark, so I'm taking it as a sign of detox.  Now I can add in milk thisle as well.


    Long long process, but that seems to be what is working for me.  I don't have the resources to get the toxins out more quickly under doc supervision, so I think this is really my only option.


    At any rate, I liked Lynch's articles more than Yaskos as I was able to understand them a bit better.  Granted I was also chewing up every podcast I could find on the subject at the time.  I go back to Lynch's though when I need a reminder of next steps and where I should be heading.

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    (Oops I lost what I wrote somehow pressing F's when I got full screen. I'll try again though.) Yasko says you should come down slow from a high protein diet to avoid a detox reaction. I was on about 190g, came down 10g a day and got dark pee for a few days so it is a sign of a detox, it says dark urine in the book is the sign too. Its kind of brown. I have CBS+ so I think the ammonia was an issue for me, I had some mental problems - spacing out, bad concentration, motivation because I couldn't properly understand what I was trying to learn. I am sure ammonia was causing these symptoms for the most part because I can feel better and learn better now even after a not-so-good nights sleep so I'm sure I can rule that out. I am going to cut mthf for a while shortly to see if missing that was making me feel bad, a short time ago I hadn't taken it in about 2 weeks, it'd be interesting to see if I feel worse off it. Been on it now maybe 2-3 weeks straight. With CBS+ I'm not supposed to take it until I've done some ammonia protocols to reduce it so that mthf can work properly for me. I probably need to follow her suggestions a few weeks then do a few months of the mthf to see a detox. 


    I don't take B6 in P5P form and only get a methyl from the mthf because I take hydroxy B12. I don't take a multi obviously but I still get most nutrients in different supplements. My energy is pretty good on them, I noticed a difference after lowering the protein, I think I'm at least detoxing something with it all, just not as much as I think I could be at the moment. 


    I've done charcoal in the evenings for the last 5 days after two early meals so the ammonia is maybe a little less in my gut.The first two days I started I also added 5g of pure zeolite powder into a protein shake. I could feel that, it seems to be a lot stronger than the charcoal. I might try some again in a few weeks though I hate chelation because I don't like disturbing my good mineral status. 


    Don't know if you saw this guys site:


    He takes huge amounts of minerals and his status only creeps into the healthy range over a long period of time. 

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