Galvanize/data Science

Hi Everyone,


Does anybody out there have any experience in the Data Scientist field? -- I'm at a unique point in my career and the idea of taking a course with Galvanize intrigues me. 


Just curious as to some thoughts on the space/work environment/job opps as well as any potential experiences with Galvanize.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • I'd classify myself as a low level data scientist, and I am looking to do some training in data mining during the next couple of years. I hadn't heard of Galvanize before, but I just took a look now and I'm intrigued. The claimed median salary and placement level are appealing, if you have the $16K tuition available to you and the time to do the program.


    If you do it, please report back on your impressions of it!

  • I'm torn on this FYI.


    Seems chasing a paycheck is my MO and hasn't really lead to fulfillment. -- I think I'm doing the same thing here...

  • Tycho, where would be a good place to start getting my feet wet?

    I'm currently a PHP developer and on a current project I am constantly with feeds of data, that is just ozzing with innovative potential if I knew how or where to start.


    I see coursea has courses in R programming, I've also had a look at a lot of Alteryx's tutorials. 

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  • Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I'm not always very up to date on checking the boards.


    Are you familiar with pivot tables, slicers in Excel? Those would be the places to start. I have a book on R but haven't delved into it.


    In terms of what I'm working on learning data science-wise,


    1) Working on a self-study Six Sigma class online. Not exactly blowing my socks off, but I think it'll be good exposure.

    2) Will be taking a class in business intelligence analysis at a local university and get reimbursed by my job.

    3) These programs have caught my attention: They seem to be reasonably-priced, and teach a lot of specific, hands-on skills to manipulate data.

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