Can I Make Bulletproof Coffee With Dunkin Donuts Coffee?

So before you guys s*** all over me I am not a coffee drinker but I have wanted to try out bulletproof coffee for some time now. I have an exam coming up tomorrow and I already have coconut oil, grass fed butter, and a blendtec blender but since I dont drink coffee I dont have anything to make coffee with.  but I was wondering if I could buy a cup of prebrewed coffee from dunkin donuts and mix it in? If I like it I'll invest in a french press but I'm studying for exams and I dont have the time to go out and buy a french press right now





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    My answer will be unpopular, but you absolutely can use cheaper coffee. Starbuck's, Dunkin' Donuts, whatever. The only edge that Dave's beans have is their lower Mycotoxin content. This may or may not be a problem for you, depending on how sensitive you are to mold toxins, however I can report favorable results using what most here would consider to be "shitty" coffee. Caffeine + fat can work wonders for focus, especially if you're already eating a ketogenic diet.


    Don't drink it out of styrofoam cups, though. The MCTs in coconut oil/MCT oil will eat through styrofoam.

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    Yeah, no reason not to start with crappy coffee.


    But why would you try a drug for the first time the morning of or the night before an exam? Some people who don't drink coffee react very strongly to even one cup. Not to mention Dunkin Donuts is higher caffeine than most brands. 

  • Yeah the time for experimenting with cognitive enhancers probably isn't right before a big event. I'd recommend just using Caffeine Anhydrous powder for this instance.

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  • For one day it will be fine, just make the switch to higher quality beans.


    Cafetrol and Kahweol make a big difference for me, so I highly recommend you start making coffee with a french press.  


    Good luck don't use too much fat at first if your not used to it, but work you way up a tsb to a tbls a week until you feel good

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    Hoped someone would ask if it's OK to drink BPC with dunkin' donuts.


    Hoped someone would say yes.

  • I used to work for Dunkin Donuts and I used their beans for years to make BPC. The best part about their blend vs Starbucks or other store bought brands is that it is a very light and balanced Arabica roast similar to the lighter roast that Dave use. Sure Dunkin Donuts isn't mycotoxin free but as someone else already said that isn't always a problem for everyone. To me the price for Daves coffee didn't provide enough of a benefit to outweigh the additional costs. 


    OP - For clarification... I do hope when you say "mix it in" you are referring to using a blender and kerrygold and not just stirring random butter into your coffee with a spoon!

  • I used Starbucks coffee when I first started.  Never again though, I'm pretty sensitive to the quality of coffee.  Not Dave-like sensitive, but enough that the difference is noticeable.  Lucky for me, I like the taste of Dave's beans a lot.

  • Without actual testing results none of us have any clue what is "good" or "bad" coffee.
  • I use Starbucks Coffee exclusively. I did try the Upgraded Beans, but I want to enjoy the flavor of my coffee, so I went back to Starbucks beans. Is it as effective? Who knows? I agree that without test results being public, I'm going with what I like. 


    And, Starbucks is cheaper than Dave's coffee beans. 

  • What's wrong with just stirring the butter and oil into your coffee with a spoon?

  • I'm a little late to the discussion.

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