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I came across Tsu. It's a social platform that shares revenue with users.

Facebook was recently flagged for deleting references to Tsu from people's posts, Messenger chats and Instagram photos.

Maybe we can start a BP Tsu cluster and work on ways to earn Tsu revenue from unique content we all generate.

Here's my one and only post:

Frank Murphy would like to share a post with you on tsu! https://www.tsu.co/frankyBones/92640745


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    I heard about Tsu months ago, but never followed up on it. I assumed it'd been buried, forgotten. Is it worth signing up for? Is stuff actually happening there? A lot of people touted it as some "Facebook killer", and then promptly shut up about it. Maybe that was due to Facebook's censorship, then. I don't do much social media; I have an FB account I use for writing-related promotions and a Twitter, but I don't do a whole lot on either of them. And, I think that if I were interested in monetizing content, ebooks or a proper blog w/ ads would be more lucrative, but I'd be interested in learning more about this.


    I see Frank here just joined, but is anyone else a member of Tsu? Anyone know someone who's making a killing on it or who has a good following there?

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  • I'll write back again after reading through some FAQ
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