Day 5 On Aniracetam Oxiracetam Stack

so ive been on a week of aniracetam oxiracetam and alpha gpc for a week straight now with 2 days off of third day i took two aniracetams at noon and boy i felt weird as fuck almost like i took xanax type feeling it was weird kinda freaked me out but after taking 1 aniracetam on my fourth day and 5th thinking reason why it freaked me out was because it didnt give me that hyped up feeling like oxiracetam starting to really like when aniracetam kicks in.. i feel like aniracetam makes music sound so much better i cut it down to 1 aniracetam at noon but im still tryin to find a good spot to fit an evening racetam in ....also i was thinking of subbing out aniracetam for piracetam i have some coming in the mail next week.I need some advice on how i should beef up or fix this racetam to make it better?Also im looking for energy focus and public speaking.


Morning : 1=oxyracetam 750mg

                1= aplha gpc  300mg

   Noon:  1= aniracetam 325mg


  • that's so weird how people notice a big difference when they take a large dosage or when they it on off days. I would suggest moving it 100mg on the ox then after a couple days moving the ani to 100 and see how that goes. I have tried may ways of doing thing 50mg / 100mg/ 200mg it all depends on the user. Most users would suggest moving up 50mg for a couple days. 

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