Cheat Days Are Necessary?

I have been very low carb for about 2 years now. To the point where even if I do carb up it's 30g and after a weight training session. I feel like my body fat has gotten more than I want it to be. I've lowered the fat intake I have been having in hopes that my bodyfat% will go down but for a few weeks it's just not doing it. Without getting into specific numbers I can say that I have been sub 10% bodyfat for about 2 years but lately I am likely over that mark. I am willing to try something different but don't like the idea of carbing up excessively but could it be that this is what is wrong? Perhaps I am so low carb adjusted that low carb is just not enough to cut it anymore? I can post numbers if it helps but really nothing has changed in a few years save less fat than before in the last few weeks.


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