Best Nootropics



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    Hahaha right! You can try L-Theanine, CDP Choline and Phenibut. These three help with social interactions/anxiety and I have seen Phenibut mentioned on a few different places that it's great for conversation. I've not really gotten a chance to try it, and haven't yet simply because it could make me drowsy or something... >.> I still have readin' to do!

    The L-Theanine and Choline also have mood elevating style effects, which I've always found awesome for service and sales skills.
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    gonna have to try that i baught some smart caffeine from natural stacks recently have tried it yet but gonna give it a try when black friday rolls around.Also i just got my piracetam today and took piracetam and oxiracetam togather im kinda liking it alot actually has a almost adrafinl effect it gave me on top of some coffee.i wanna try that stack you were talking about with pramracetam

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