Glutamine And Blood Sugar

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I have been doing the l-glutamine supplementation route for healing leaky gut (for the first time with a semi-serious dose of just under 30 g). I've felt pretty good after about a week or two sustained above 20 g. I've had less food allergies and less sensitivities to my environment, however, I've gotten some weird stuff like slight neuropathy and tingling on my skin in different places. I checked my blood sugar, and my resting glucose level was 92, which is 15-20 higher than usual. Just now, after a carby meal, I got up to 137, which is about 30 more than the highest I've ever seen. 


I've also not been working out as much (following general recommendations for restoring glutamine levels to normal), or really at all, and I'm wondering if that is the main cause of a possible increase in insulin resistance.


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