Ketosis/fasting Regimen From A Longevity And Physique Context.

Hi Everyone,


So I've just listened to the most recent Tim Ferris podcast with Dom D'Augustino on Ketosis and I have a few questions for anyone willing to rifle through a few  for me:


1) Is there any reason for an otherwise healthy person to go into deep ketosis via exogenous ketones on an intermittent basis? -- I workout about 3-4 days a week and a small amount of carbs every 1-3 days works well for me. Aside from that window, assuming I'm pretty lean and working out, is there any reason to go into deep ketosis with these quicker methods in between refeeds?


2) Can anyone recommend a fasting regimen in that 5-7 day range for longevity/anti-cancer purposes, that won't shed massive amounts of muscle mass? I'd like to do a long fast quarterly or semi-annually but obviously want the highest intra-cellular cleanup effects without losing the gains of lean muscle mass.


3) Is it advantageous during fasts to implement ketosis quicker at onset/prior to the fast to reap more benefits?


I guess I just heard a lot of talk about BCAA's and exogenous ketones and wasn't sure how I could implement in my current state....


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