Choline/ciltep Problems

Good evening.


First of all I want to say that my English Isn't very impressive, so I hope you understand me even if my sentence structure is bad.

I have tried ciltep for two periods of time now. The first period that I tried ciltep, I actually could feel a huge difference (I took three together with one smart caffeine from natural stacks, half an hour before breakfast). 


I felt a slight problem with my eyes (mainly the first and second day). I also received some pretty bad headaches, but since i also tried coconut oil for the first time at the same time, I am not sure what of those caused the headache. 


I stopped ciltep for around 10 days. Now I have tried it again and two nights in the row i have woken up with my upper- and lower teeth really hard pushed together and feeling sore in them. Today I also got a jaw tension. Another thing I have been feeling is a dry mouth, especially when I sleep.


All these problems seem to be problems of low choline. But according to what I have read, low choline-problems should not occur when using ciltep.

Anyone got any thoughts on what the problem might be? Could I be super low on choline? Should I stop using ciltep?


I should also mention that I had pretty much all the add-symptoms before changing my diet. Now I feel a lot better. Could choline-defiance play a big role in add-symptoms?. 


Hope I didn’t post this in the wrong part of the forum. 



  • If you're still trying to take 3 of them at once, it's most likely the ALCAR causing the issues.


    Drop the dose down to one capsule of CILTEP and see how you go. I just recently listened to the podcast interview with the creator of CILTEP and they discussed this exact problem is mostly due to people consuming too much ALCAR at once.

  • sounds like you are naturally fairly high in choline and may want to be careful supplementing it.  These tension problems are the exact indications of over elevated choline levels that Dave warns about.  You could try racetams which theoretically use choline to work so you would be able to put all that choline to work instead of it free roaming your brain


    btw your english sentence structure is better than most americans!

  • Thank you for the answers. I´ll try only taking one or two and see if the adverse effects disappear. I would love to try the racetams, however they are pretty hard to get your hands on where I come from (Sweden). 

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