Supplements Linked To Tinnitus

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I expereince mild tinnitus so am paranoid about anything I ingest, whether a supplement or food substance, might contribute to my symptoms.

I recently added SAM-e to my daily regimen and was wondering if anyone is aware of any recent studies linking SAM-e to tinnitus? Any other 'common' supplements I should avoid?




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    I think everyone born since 1980 experience mild tinnitus.

    I would take this supplement:

  • I was born prior to 1980. For many people tinnitus isn't a laughing matter. Luckilly for me its quite mild.

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    Ginkgo Biloba and magnesium should help with tinnitus.

  • I have had tinnitis since I originally got sick over 20 years ago.

    I understand your paranoia about anything possibly worsening it. To be honest I've tried every supplement meant to help tinnitis and absolutely nothing helps. I think ginko even made it a bit worse.

    I tried SAMe years ago and felt worse on it but I don't think it affected the tinnitis.

    As to the question of which supplements to avoid, I'm sorry I don't know.

    Just be wary when trying new things and at the first sign of it worsening, stop the supplement.

    If you find anything that helps, let me know. :)
  • I got it as a result of neuro. Lyme. It seemed to be triggered by a supplement called andrographis, which is known to affect Lyme.

    So, unless you may have Lyme, I guess I have nothing to share..

  • i've heard of manganese. never had a problem with tinnitus myself though, just offering what I've heard

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