Help For My Daughter

Hi all. It has been a long while since I posted.


I am looking for help from you all at my daughters last lab results. 

Long story short...she has been on and off gluten since 6 months old. Never on dairy other than butter. Recently we tried to get her tested for celiac (which means eating gluten, for 3 months) but she didn't eat it daily. Anyways...she has always (like since 3 months old) have some sort of GI issues. First they thought silent gerd. then it kinda went away after removing gluten and dairy. at 1.5 yrs we moved cities and no longer were followed by a GI doc. On and off for the past almost 6 years(she will be 6 next week) she has had tummy pain. Cramps. on and off. It was never too bad and I always just associated it to her needing to poop. Now...after the last 5 months of hell...she has had tummy pains 2-10 times a week. FINALLY into see a pediatrician(my GP wouldn't refer her to peds GI) and we got her blood results back. They speak to anemia of chronic disease or inflammation. I only know that because my brother is in med school. The "real" docs don't think that is the case. They think it is constipation and want me to give her laxatives for 6 months! And supplement with iron. I am feeling so frustrated. She is now getting headaches on a weekly basis, sometimes more. I have to say we are not 100% BP anymore. We could do so again, but working full time and having a full time family we opted for mostly BP and 100 GF/DF. We probably eat rice more than we should.


Please, any input is welcome. At the moment I am sneaking liver into her...but not much. She probably doesn't get enough fats to be honest. I just don't want to treat a symptom...I want to find the cause. I need to know what next to ask and test for. She has just had an ultrasound and it came back totally clear. 


IRON and TIBC    2  norm(12-31) umol/l

TCIB    55 norm(40-77)

Transferrin saturation   0.04  norm (0.20 - 0.55)


Ferritin   39 norm(10 - 110)ug/l


retic relative  0.8  norm(0.2-2.0)

retic absolute 37  norm(40-100)10e9/l


only other thing off was 

lymphocytes  0.9  (norm1.3 - 8.0)


Thanks guys!


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  • I with the laxative therapy.  When she stops, she is going to get rebound and make things a lot worse.  Iron supplementation is usually the opposite of what you want in the GI.  Bacteria use iron to make bio-films making them harder to kill.  A lot of SIBO protocols use EDTA to chelate the iron from the gut.  If you find a better doctor, who understands microbiology a little better, they will probably start her on rifaximin.  As a parent, I would find that response a little aggressive at first and try oil of oregano first.  I like this product from NOW.  It is relatively inexpensive and is entericly coated so it has a better chance of doing some good in the small intestine.  A change in diet wouldn't hurt either.  Limiting FODMAPs might be a good start.

  • I have her on hcl and digestive enzyme starting this week. She has never been constipated in my books...goes once a day about 80% of the time. I do understand that iron supplements can cause more issues with this type of anemia as it isn't the cause. I have her on a new probiotic as well and lots of d, k2, fish oil, colostrum, vit c. I will add oil of oregano again to her stash of things to take! She hates it but will take it as long as I tell her she doesn't have to drink ACV! lol

    Maybe I will look into removing FODMAPs as much as possible. 

    Help me get my blog up and running...check it out for recipes and info


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