Whats In Everyones Current Stack?

Whats in everyone current stack from morning noon to night


  • I start with a bulletproof coffee and 200 - 400 mg of L-theanine  :-P


    but also hear to learn what to add and how to add it going forward. 

  • Morning /Afternoon/Night time


    Pramiracetam 400mg / 250 choline


    Pramiracetam 400mg 


    Pramiracetam 400mg / 250 choline

  • How is that pram stack going ?i was thinking of picking up pram.im still currently taking oxiracetam 800mg Alpha GPC and 1.6g of piracetam...it has been going well up until today when last night i didnt get alot of sleep i took the oxiracetam first then took the piracetam in the after noon with no alpha gpc and i felt horrable almost like a brain fog im gonna try and take the piracetam little later in the day im not sure why maybe because of lack of sleep

  • Well the purchase of me taking the pramiracetam was for studying and stuff. It went well for me but thought i should get off of it since it's expensive to keep going at those dosage.I stopped taking it Thursday so it's almost a week since i been off. I'm going to start out with oxiracetam, and some choline. I might add other nootropic but don't know which one since I want it for memory, and recalling. I'm in the process of getting back into study mode. 


    What dosage are you taking for oxiracetam plus how many times a day do you take it. What are the dosage for those?

  • Morning- Oxiracetam 800mg

                  Krill oil

    Afternoon - 600mg piracetam


    evening  - 600mg piracetam


    before bed- Onnit New mood

  • Right now i'm sticking to 


    Morning -  Oxiracetam -800mg   5-HTP -100mg


    Afternoon Oixracetam 800mg  / Choline 250mg


    Night 5-HTP / Oxiracetam 800mg

  • Morning- Oxiracetam 800mg

                  Krill oil

    Afternoon - 600mg piracetam


    evening  - 600mg piracetam


    before bed- Onnit New mood


    Curious how long have you been taking Onnit New Mood. They had a cyber monday sale I took advantage of and I just tried my first New Mood last night. Holy dreams! Feeling great this morning although I also feel like I could go back to sleep if I tried which is unusual for me.

  • edited December 2015

    ive been taking new mood on and off for about 3 months now i really like it im on my 3rd bottle i finally broke down and baught the 90 count its much worth it.it helps me wind the day down cause when i get home from work its hard for me to get to sleep at night so the new mood helps with that.i love sleeping on new mood it has crazy dreams that come along with it but its all good.at times yes its hard to get out of bed but one thing i do notice is once your out of bed and moving around its easy to wake up even without coffee.since the last ive posted on this thread ive changed my stack around and bumped some stuff up.


    Morning - Aniracetam 750mg

                    Natural stacks smart caffene 100mg of caffene 200mg of L-theanine


                    Onnit Krill oil

                     (Sulbutimine) on days when its heavy work load 1x a week


    afternoon- PIracetam 2000mg


    evening- New Mood ever other day when i have a long day (i just got natural stacks Magtech gonna try this out for sleep instead)

    Vitamin C and Zinc Natural stacks Immune (because everyone in my house is catching colds...so yeah :P )


    I took oxiracetam out of my stack in the morning because i felt like i was becoming a smartass to customers at work..

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