Any Nursing Mamas On The If Plan?

Hi there!!

I was curious to know if there were any mothers out there who are breastfeeding and doing the IF plan?

I have a three month old and have been eating BP for the past month :) I nurse and so far all is well. I do eat carbs (sweet potatoes, cauliflower rice, spaghetti squash and occasionally some white rice) in the evenings.

Any moms out there who don't do the carbs at night except for on the refuel days who are breastfeeding?

Thank you!


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    Hi, yes I am BF and BP.  10 weeks post partum.  I am not eating carbs though.  Baby doesnt seem to mind!


    Im doing IF a few times per week, but not long fasts.

  • Thanks Ãœbermama for the reply!

    I did do five days of no carbs and had to put those carbs back in my diet when I noticed my milk supply slowing. Simply having sweet potatoes in the evening makes all the difference 👍🏼🍼

    Congrats on doing BP and BF 😊
  • LouLou :-P  I get it - breastfeeding is really hard work and some carbs likely ease the burden on the body.  Sweet potatoes are pretty safe.  When I do refeeds I usually go for sweet potatoes or pumpkin.  Right now though - becuase I I had gestational diabetes I'm able to track my blood glucose and ketones (in Australia we get the gear to do this for free for a year if diagnosed with GD). It doesn't take much carbohydrate for me to get a spike (unfortunately) but I have been very low carb for about 14 years so it is possible an adaption thing.  Breastfeeding always stops me from losing weight no matter what I do so I have to keep the carbs very very low or I'll end up putting on weight - not ideal as I need to get into my work clothes soon (or buy a whole new corporate wardrobe  - nooooo!).  Still, I feel super healthy and have started working out and running again (and I am SO damn sooooooore LOL) :-P

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