Type 1 Diabetes And Intermittent Fasting

Hey, my friend has Type 1 Diabetes that is causing a lot of problem for her. Maybe the bulletproof diet could help I thought but I can't find anything on the topic. Any suggestions?


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    The Bulletproof diet will certainly help, but not sure about the fasting. If anything, eliminating sugar and dairy would be a start. 


    Another thing to consider is using vitamin C...


    Here's a snip from http://www.doctoryourself.com/diabetes.html 


    Type I (Juvenile Onset, Insulin Dependent) Diabetes

    Vitamin C 
    Professor of Oral Medicine Emanuel Cheraksin, M.D., D.M.D., in his recent book Vitamin C: Who Needs It? says (on page 98): 


    "So, what do the experts tell us about a vitamin C connection in the control of sugar metabolism? We turned to five of the leading textbooks dealing with diabetes mellitus published during the last five years.  Would you believe? There was not one word indicating any connection or a lack of correlation between ascorbic acid and carbohydrate metabolism! This is even more incomprehensible when one realizes that reviews of the literature as far back as 1940 showed that blood sugar can be predictably reduced with intravenous ascorbate."


    One case study suggests that for each gram of vitamin C taken by mouth, the amount of insulin required could be reduced by two units. (Dice, J. F. and Daniel, C. W. (1973) The hypoglycemic effect of ascorbic acid in a juvenile-onset diabetic. International Research Communications System, 1:41.


    Vitamin C has been shown to reduce levels of complication-causing sorbitol in diabetics. In a 58 day study carried out in 1994, researchers investigated the effect of two different, and rather low, doses of vitamin C supplements (100 or 600 mg) on young adults with Type I diabetes. Vitamin C supplementation at either dose normalized sorbitol levels in 30 days.


    (Cunningham JJ; Mearkle PL; Brown RG Vitamin C: an aldose reductase inhibitor that normalizes erythrocyte sorbitol in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitusJ Am CollNutr, 1994 Aug, 13:4, 344-5)


    Vitamin C may also help to keep tiny blood vessels (capillaries) from bursting, a major cause of diabetic complications. Vitamin C supplements increase the elasticity of these smallest of blood vessels.


    (Timimi FK; Ting HH; Haley EA; Roddy MA; Ganz P; Creager MA Vitamin C improves endothelium-dependent vasodilation in patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. J Am Coll Cardiol, 1998 Mar, 31:3, 552-7)


    Also of interest::


    Pfleger R, Scholl F. (1937, note the date) Diabetes und vitamin C. Wiener Archiv für Innere Medizin 31: 219-230.


    Setyaadmadja, A.T.S.H., Cheraskin, E. and Ringsdorf, W.M., Jr. 
    Ascorbic acid and carbohydrate metabolism: II. Effect of supervised sucrose drinks upon two-hour postprandial blood glucose in terms of vitamin C state. Lancet 87: #1, 18-21, January 1967.


    Som S, Basu S, Mukherjee D, Deb S, Choudhury PR, Mukherjee S, Chatterjee SN, Chatterjee IB. (1981) Ascorbic acid metabolism in diabetes mellitus. Metabolism 30: 572-577. 


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