I Feel/look Better After Two Weeks Of Travel/bad Diet/no Exercise/little Sleep

I've been on a version of the Bulletproof diet/Perfect Health Diet since about December 2013, and I've seen significant improvements in all sorts of ways, but I've still had a small last bit of belly fat that I can't get rid of, as well as annoying things like bad breath on the diet that I can't seem to stop, no matter what I try (maybe keto breath, though I can't be sure). Just recently, I went for two weeks on vacation to Southeast Asia (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia), where, with all the great food, I ate badly and constantly (high carb, bad oils, fried food, occasional gluten, no fasting, etc.), slept badly, drove around amidst constant pollution, took many airplane flights, including the 15-hr. flight from/to the U.S. to Shanghai (to transfer to Bangkok) and hardly exercised. The result: no bad breath, no odor to my sweat at all, no matter how sweaty I got in the 93 degree heat, felt great, had loads of energy and focus and came back much more lean and ripped.


I have no explanation for this, and I'm pretty sure that if I kept going like this, things would probably deteriorate, but is it possible that a brief period of "bad" stuff has some sort of hormetic effect? Does your body get accustomed to the "good" stuff, such that it needs a break from time to time? Is it just the decrease in stress from being on vacation, and maybe too much exercise here is causing adrenal stress that got relieved while I was there? Is it something in their food? Is it that maybe there's some hidden toxin in my apartment that's causing these (albeit slight) problems for me here? If anyone has had similar experiences or has any other ideas, I'd be curious to hear them. Meanwhile, I want to see how long it is before these positive effects wear off (been back since Monday night). Thanks.



  • WalterWalter ✭✭✭

    All valid questions and hard to give a definitive answer. 


    But as far as being on vacation making you feel good, that's almost a universal experience. You aren't in an office building all day. You relax thus not having stress of normal living. You are mesmerized by new experiences so any ill feeling you may have more readily fades away. You move around all day because of this so any extra energy is welcome. The extra sweating perhaps helped flush out the bad odors. Who knows.


    Either way, I think there is no diet/lifestyle that will work all the time for an entire lifetime. If something doesn't work anymore, change it. The vacation, then, becomes part of the grand experiment we all do every day to find out what works best.


    Just a few of my thoughts.  :)

  • DManDMan Master of Arts ✭✭✭

    Psychology and stress relief can even play a bigger role than diet in many cases.

    May you be well, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be loved.

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