Your Top 3 Supplements/pills Whilst Traveling?

I was wondering if everyone was traveling and could only take 3 supplements, what would you choose and why?


I would take:


1. Glutathione because traveling is stressful for my body and I traveled for a few months without getting sick making sure I take a dose every second day.


2. Aniracetam because I feel better when I am on it and for mental performance


3. Vitamin C - I don't feel the effects so much but everyone says it's great and I am sure it helps me become more resilient. 


I am considering Krill oil and Vitamin D but I am not sure how important they are on the spectrum of being able to perform at my peak, becoming more resilient to sickness.


What are yours and why? 





  • 1. Multi-vitamin (with D3 en K2)

    2. Magnesium

    3. Melatonin 3 mg

  • For me, and I am planning a trip it would be bringing a decent store of healthy fats so you don't eat too much low quality food. Bring avocados, grass fed butter, mct oil and coffee. With a decent store of that damage done by eating terrible food is minimized.

  • Sea salt, magnesium, and vitamin C.

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  • fixerforhirefixerforhire Mr. Not Sure.


    magnesium glycinate (before bed) 

  • What's the recommended multi vitamin?

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