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A while ago I saw that Wim Hof was at the Bulletproof Conference and I decided to look into it because of my weak immune system. I started his breathing methods and since then I am sleeping an extreme amount, like easily 12 hours a day. I know my body can't handle toxins well and I wonder if those two can be related? If so, what can I do about it? I like to stay productive and basically I am just sleeping too much for my taste now. I did email the support already of Wim Hof (since I paid $200 and can't even do week 1) but they basically have no time to help me they said.


My thoughts what is going on: The breathing causes my body to release toxins and my liver can't handle this. Reason I think this is that I did try extra high dosed bulletproof glutathione for a bit which seemed to help.


Considering doing a detox now including salt flushes, wheatgrass, BPC, glutathione, chlorine dioxide etc. 


Please let me know your thoughts,




  • Yeah so last night I was a bit frustrated because of my amount of sleep and was like ''whatever'' and did do 9ml of bulletproof glutathione (1ml was already out hehe) after reading 2 people here on the forums did this before as well. I woke up early and not feeling too crappy at all. Will keep dosing very high the following week, take charcoal and zeolite accordingly and see what happens.


    Take care

  • I've been really interested in Wim Hof recently. My sleep is absolute dog dirt so i'd love to know what your sleep was like before? 


    Do you literally just do the three to four rounds of the breathing exercises he outlines on his website or is there more to it once you've signed up? and does this integrate cold water (shower) therapy into the sleep side of things or again is it literally just the basic breathing exercises he recommends.

  • yeah i'm kind of confused about this...he says anyone can do this stuff, and it's as simple as doing some breathing technique, that apparently can be explained in just a few steps. the question is, if it's this simple, why is there a $200 online course? 

  • wow! can those breathing exercises have such an great effect? I AM a FAN 4 LIFE now thanks to Cold Showers from Wim hof ! absolutely amazing! but I havent tried fully those Breathing exercises from Wim!


    I did try to Meditate! didnt work out either. but u have to built it up./


    and thanx to cold showers now: I finally feel releaved or relaxed or some heavy weight is from shoulders: after years of frustration and suffering! this Wim rules!!!


    also more natural diet: pure natural food, also consuming Spirulina and Chlorella and Barley grass everyday!


    but insilico! thanx 2 ur post I am gonna start the breathing exercises too!!!

  • Can someone explain the breathing method? I can't seem to find it. Also, curious how long of a cold shower you take? I take a three minute cold shower and gives me a bit of a nice jolt but don't know the huge effects.
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    What did I miss? Did someone invent a new kind of shower?

  • Breathing is explained in the joe roegan stuff. I am happy I did buy the course but sadly enough my body is not able to handle it.

  • Can you tell me what you mean by your body not being able to handle "it"? I find myself wondering if the same is thing isn't going on for me, especially with the breathing
  • They've no time to help you they said? What a crock of shit. I expected more from them. 

    Are you sure you are getting the exercises down correctly? With hyperventilation there is always the risk of getting respiratory alkalosis that kind of stuff. Surprised more people aren't mentioning this. 


    Other than that, I recently met a bloke who had experienced what you were after taking a course on transcendental meditation. Personally, I am not a big fan, just saying-- who knows how stuff is expelled.

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    Can you tell me what you mean by your body not being able to handle "it"? I find myself wondering if the same is thing isn't going on for me, especially with the breathing

    I'm wondering too. I have Lyme disease with HPA dysfunction (insomnia, low body temp) so I'm looking to get into this breathing method. I do some basic WH breath work I saw on somebody else's Youtube channel. It seems to help, I'm not sure about the course though

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    Has anyone had any results with this? I'm thinking of taking the course...

  • Back for an update.


    I did think my body was not able to handle the release of toxins in the bloodstream. This is obviously not scientific at all but I think this because it often did give me the same feeling as if I did eat foods that contain more mycotoxins. Also often I get pain in muscles if I eat bad, and this pain gets less when I do Wim Hof.


    The past few months I kept on doing it, at a slow pace that felt comfortable like Wim always recommends. I do the breathing daily now, daily shower daily, and an ice bath once in a while for 15 minutes without issues. The extended breathing is still a bit much to handle for me, so this is also something I have to do slowly.


    Based on the past few months I still think my theory is correct. The Wim Hof method releases toxins in the blood stream. When I am stricter with the Bulletproof Diet, I can also more easily handle the Wim Hof Method. Also taking things like glutathione, charcoal etc help for sure, detox baths etc. Another reason I think this is that many people report improvements on anxiety, bipolar, Alzheimer etc with the Wim Hof Method. The research shows that those people often have lower glutathione levels which makes me think this is toxin related also.


    Hope that helps.


    Take care

  • I think I got shingles after doing the breathing. I know it's activated by an immune response of some sort. think there's any correlation?

  • Have you tried PEMF ? I'm sleeping best with this for the past 10 months.

  • I have PEMF works great for sleeping

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