What To Make Of First Wellnessfx Omega-3 Test

Not entirely sure what to make of my first WellnessFX Omega-3 test. I took it to understand if I was overdoing it with Omega-3 supplements:


Omega-3 Index: 5.8 (Reference 1.4-4.9)

EPA: 2.4 (Reference 0.2-1.5)

DHA: 3.4 (Reference 1.2-3.9)

AA: 8.9 (Reference 5.2-12.9)

EPA:AA ratio: 0.3 (Reference >0.2)


Currently taking 4x Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega D3's per day:

Total: 2560

EPA: 1300

DHA: 900


Based on those results and reference ranges looks like I need maintain that DHA intake level, but ease off the EPA's. Perhaps aim for something with more of a 1:1 EPA:DHA ratio.


From what I can make out, there is not much evidence to say that excessive Omega-3's are bad, but may just be a waste of expensive supplements...


180lb's, 6ft1, 42, high-ish cholesterol (most probably hereditary but working on that).



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