Best Tea For Energy?

I used to drink coffee religiously and will still have a cup from time to time. However, I just started getting into drinking tea instead, almost with every meal of the day now. I love drinking black tea first thing in the morning after waking up. Then I may have a cup with my lunch. After dinner I'll have a cup of Kava to wind down, relax and to ultimately get a great night's sleep.


My question is which tea do you use for energy and to get things done? Specifically (brand, type, etc.).


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    For stimulation I drink black, green, or mate. Can't help with the brand but these are the types.

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  • Caffeine and theanine are said to act synergistically for brain performance so coffee and green tea. I've noticed this boosts differently than coffee alone (although packing green tea doubly feels even better so can't say for sure).

  • I love green tea, it helps me to focus on details and feel myself good. Maybe you should try?

  • White tea has a much smoother taste than green. Go for a good quality version.
  • Personally, I drink tea all the time. Before I go to bed, I drink some green tea. It may taste very bland, but it soothes you down so you can go to sleep faster and feel a lot more energized. Green Tea is also becoming a lot more cheaper nowadays. In the morning, I drink a brand called Tea India. It really does wake me up. It has a very good taste and won't put a hole in your pocket. A good tip is to look at caffiene content on tea packs at the store.


    Can't be sure it's super un-moldy and all that but it tastes great and gives me a nice clean energy. 

  • I've been drinking loose leaf yerba mate when I don't feel like coffee.

  • Concur on the Yerba Mate, incredible stuff. Like a light nootropic and caffeine boost all in one. Unique but enjoyable taste too. Make sure it's the unsmoked variety (i get the Kraus Bio Organic).

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