Any Bodybuilders Here Who Have Been Bp-Ish For A Long Time?

I want to get jacked AND be healthy at the same time. However, when I search "bodybuilding", the users tend to be very skinny (newbies) or sport players. Dave has never spoken about this topic with the exception of saying that more carbs should be eaten when exercising.  I am hoping there is someone who bodybuilds WITH pictures. If you have a blog or youtube channel, I would be all over that as well! 


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    maximum results in bodybuilding  as in becoming a huge beast is not my goal nor is it healthy - BUT looking awesome and jacked is.    For example, Abel James, at his best, looks pretty good compared to the normal person, but I am looking for friends who are more into bodybuilding/bulletproof


    Not interested in 100% Bodybuilding or Bulletproof: I want to combine them for my chosen lifestyle  :)

  • How much are you looking to spend on food per month? Be prepared because eating grass-fed beef, pastured chicken, and pastured eggs is not going to be cheap if you are trying to bodybuild. Just telling you in advance.

  • Hi J-rock. I am just trying to find others interested in the same lifestyle as me.    


    I know Bulletproof is less about aesthetics and more about high-performance but i'm sure there must be A LOT of guys in the forums who want to look great as well

  • Does form follow function or vice versa?

    Improve your capacity to do badass stuff by incrementally doing more and more badass stuff and you will look like someone capable of doing badass stuff.
  • I just recently learned about BP and seems awesome but wondering about the same thing, i am currently 6"2, 200lb, mostly muscular and at the very least want to stay the same as I workout about 4 days per week (gym and crossfit). Wondering if this diet will be OK to get me more lean but also keep muscle and also have the energy to workout. Any tips/thoughts on this would be great. 

  • I think this guy is really just looking for friends.


    I'll be your friend, bro ;)

    "Men are more easily wooed by imagination then by science" - Will Durant


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