Ketosports Keto8 - Brain Octane Alternative?

Anyone have experience with KetoSports Keto8 MCT oil?  


They say it's 99% C8.  Only $23.50 on amazon for a 32 oz bottle, though no reviews yet:






  • They sell Brain Octane on Amazon. You get 32 tablespoons for $26.50. With the item you're looking at you get 25 tablespoons for $23.50.

  • Wow, you're right -- that is only 12 ounces, not 32.  Not good.  So far that 's the only one I've seen that specifically bills itself at pure C8.


    Brain Octane is currently cheaper on the BP store, vs. Amazon -- assuming you get free shipping.

  • J-rockJ-rock
    edited February 2016

    You're better off just getting the bigger bottle of BOO on Amazon if you don't want to buy off BPE and thats all you want. The bigger bottle should qualify for free shipping or pretty close instead of having to spend I think $150 on BPE to get free shipping.

  • Here's a comparison of the different C8 products available currently - MiCkey T8 is actually the best value for money, however there may be quality differences:

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