Laird Super Food Creamer - Aka Powdered Bullet Proof "like" Coffee

Dennis BDennis B
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This is interesting. It's a powdered "bulletproof" like coffee creamer. As a business man traveling nearly every week the concept of a powdered bulletproof coffee packet that is easy to travel with is very attractive. I love the concept.

Only downside I see is that powdered organic butter is used, not grass fed butter; and coconut oil is used rather than MCT oil. However for the convenience factor I'd be willing to give it a try.

I'd love to see a Bulletproof version with grass fed butter and brain octane.

What do you guys think of this stuff? I certainly would still make true Bulletprof coffee at home, but when traveling this looks like a very attractive alternative.

Laird Hand Blender, or Blender Use Highly Recommended for Optimal Product Enjoyment. Get a Top Fuel Bundle with a Hand Blender and Free Shipping Here.

Laird "Top Fuel" Superfood Creamerâ„¢ is a highly concentrated superfood coffee, tea, cocoa or smoothie creamer for the performance and health conscious consumer and athlete. This Superfood Creamerâ„¢ comes in single serve packs for ease of use and dosage and is delivered in a gel/liquid form that blends very easily into liquids.. Lairds "Top Fuel" Superfood Creamerâ„¢ is a favorite of people demanding optimal performance with concentrated MCT and nutrition. Adds a rich buttery flavor to your beverage.

- Organic Butter - Provides a rich source of Omegas and vitamins A, D, E and K

- Organic Coconut Oil - Hailed as the “King of Oils,” a natural energy source containing essential fats and MCT Oils (medium chain triglycerides)

- Organic Red Palm Oil - Packed with more beta-carotene than any other food (30 times more than carrots) as well as the tocotrienols (the most potent form of vitamin E), phytonutrients such as lycopene and essential fatty acids. (Sustainable and responsible sourcing from small family farms in Ecuador, not SE Asia. Ecuador is a non-orangutan habitat and there is no rain forest destruction with our sources.)

INGREDIENTS: Organic Butter Powder (organic butter, nonfat dry milk, vitamin E), Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Red Palm Oil."


  • Did you ever try this? What did you think?

    I'm curious how other experienced BPC drinkers would chime in about the changes in butter and oil?

  • Did you ever try this? What did you think?
    I'm curious how other experienced BPC drinkers would chime in about the changes in butter and oil?

    I just ordered and will post my evaluation.
  • xandoruxandoru
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    Hey Dennis - thanks for posting this.  I've been fantasizing about just such a product (being too lazy to design it myself :wink:


    In the event it doesn't pan out, see this thread on my "tactical" BPC solution for traveling:  Emulsifying Ghee  It's the full saga arriving eventually at the "tactical mayonnaise" I'll be taking to a meditation retreat next week.




  • Dennis BDennis B
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    I tried the Laird Super Food Creamer for the first time last week. I was on vacation and I thought I could use the creamer to do a BF fast at least once or twice during vacation.

    Just to be clear, Laird has two super food creamers. One is called "Super Food Creamer", which is powdered form of the cream. The second is called "Top Fuel Liquid Creamer" which is a gel like version of the creamer that is easier to dissolve/mix in.

    I didn't know this and ordered the "Top Fuel" version from Amazon. This review is for that version.

    I squeezed the top fuel creamer into a cup of coffee and mixed in using a spoon. I found the fats in the liquid creamer did not mix into the coffee. Instead fat bubbles were formed and settled on the top making a cup of coffee that was kind of nasty. In fact, I could only drink about half of the cup before giving up. It was basically coffee with oil on top. It is pretty apparent that an automated blender is required in order to create an emulsion. I was really hoping for a fast and easy stir-in form of product that would make for easy on-the-go prep when travelling. I'm going to try again but using my home blender just to see if the flavor is better when properly emulsified. If it tastes OK, I can then figure out what travel options I have to create an emulsion.

    I have to wonder if the powdered version is any better for stir-in. The gel form is marketed on Laird's website as "blends very easily into liquids". However, I did not find that to be the case on my first try.

    Laird does also sell a hand blender on his site. Maybe that would have done the trick and should be considered. As I said, I'm going to try with a blender first just to see if the taste is good when properly emulsified before investing in a hand blender.
  • @Dennis I also ordered the wrong one (Top Fuel). Too bad, because I was looking forward to the additional Cordyceps and Aquamin (Calcified Sea Algae) in the SuperFood powder.


    Squeeze packets are cool but they taste bad even when blended properly, in a jam they'll work but toxic Coffeemate tastes fresher. My wife took two sips and was like "no thanks Laird..."


    Glad I learned about the addition of organic red palm oil to BPC, it's pretty tasty and was one of the only fats I hadn't added to coffee yet.



  • lnime517lnime517
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    @Dennis @xandoru @cyrusd Hey all, came across your message and wanted to tell you, your prayers have been answered. Keto Coffee is a real thing containing grass-fed butter and MCT as well as collagen. check it out here:, click Shop and the Keto Coffee can be found under Lifestyle section. Just got mine and love it! Going on vacation and this makes it so much easier!

  • This looks like a fabulous idea! Does it really blend just with stirring, or would we still need some kind of mini blender? I recently traveled with the cold brew and that was great, but it's very heavy! Packets that blend into hot or cold would definitely be terrific.

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