Detoxing For Getting Off Of Hormonal Birth Control

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Hey everyone :)


I'm new here and also fairly new to Bulletproof. I just turned 31 and started really struggling with my health a couple of months ago. All this time I thought I was healthy, but it seems like I did a lot of stuff that didn't do me any good (I also think that being involved in a very toxic relationship was what finally made my health collapse.. Thank god I got out of it.) I've been running from doctor to doctor, still don't have 100% certainty on what's wrong with me, so far I've had MRI's, all kinds of neurological tests, blood work, EEG's, teeth check, gyn check. I do think my problems come from hormonal and thyroid issues although my doctor kept telling me that it should be ok because the normal blood test came back fine.


Anyways... While I'm waiting for my next appointments (a pain in the butt to get them, I have to wait forever) I'm trying to research and help my body and spirit getting back on track. I'm on the pill for almost 13 years now and I think some of the issues may be caused by those artificial hormones.

I'm scared that if I quit cold turkey some symptoms could worsen or I could develop new ones. So I was wondering about two things:


- What vitamin/mineral deficiencies should I get tested for? (So I can take the supplements before getting off of the pill)


- What should I do to help my body detox from the hormones? I already take milk thistle for my liver.



I really hope you can help me.

My gyn is not of much help, he said to basically just stop taking it and see what happens. I already feel bad (depressed, weak, angry, dizzy...) whenever I'm in the "sugar pill"-phase of my birth control, so I don't buy into the "I won't have issues" thing.


Every comment and suggestion would help me a lot.


Thank you so much


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